Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Wedding home stretch!

Time to panic!
In less than 3 months, I'll be walking down the aisle toward the love of my life....and I still have a ways to go with my weight loss!  I've been stuck in a rut for awhile now - eating 100% on-plan most of the time but then going waaaaay off-course just enough to make everything break even.
According to the scales at work (I keep track both at home and work - the scales are about 5lbs different from each other), I've hovered around 185 for over a year, and that's only about 5lbs less than my average for the year before.  In the grand scheme of things it's great that I'm able to maintain, but when I'd still consider myself "trying" to lose weight, I'm frustrated with myself for holding so steady.
We've been going to the gym about 3-4 days a week doing about 20 minutes of cardio and then strength training either on upper or lower body on alternate days - I can tell a little bit of difference in definition and I've been able to increase my resistance a bit, but of course it's nothing huge.
So here I am at my wit's end, desperate for something to kick myself into high-gear.  I'm terrible with tracking - I wear my fitbit diligently but forget to log my food.  I've started paper logs, spreadsheet logs, journals....I never remember to stop and track.  I wear my heart rate monitor at the gym but don't go back to sync it and actually take heed of the numbers.
Blogging my progress and struggles has helped in the past, but even that falls prey to my "forgettiness" - I'll blog a triumphant return only to disappear again for months at a time.
This has to be my last straw!!
I'm committing myself to logging my foods on Lose It.
I'll still do my 3-4 days per week at the gym, paying close attention to increasing weight resistance.
I'd like to blog a few times a week - even if it's something quick from my phone.  I can't expect myself to jump in and write elaborate posts with recipes and pictures all the time.
I'd like to do yoga a few times a week, but it's difficult to get into a routine myself.  There's a studio nearby that seems very financially reasonable - maybe I can coerce the Mister into checking it out with me.  I've had a lot of anxiety lately - probably mostly due to wedding stress and lack of weight loss progress - and instead of turning to medication I really want to get back into yoga for a more natural stress release.
I think that's a pretty good start...

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Zucchini Pizzas

My newest fixation are these little mini pizzas made with a shredded zucchini crust:

italian zucchini pizza

We’ve made them a few times over the past couple days.  I started with 6 zucchini and it has lasted through three rounds of pizza-making!

shredded zucchini zucchini pizza olives and basil

making zucchini pizza zucchini pizzas under the broiler

Our first attempt had tomato, mozzarella, basil, and black olives, but I went with cheddar, chicken, bacon, onion, and barbeque sauce for the second:

bbq chicken pizza 

I just bought some frozen cauliflower that I’ll use in this recipe again soon.  What else have you made pizza crust from?

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Pretty Nice Little Saturday

We’ve had cold rainy days most of this week, so I’m definitely glad to be sitting here enjoying a warm day and a cool breeze blowing through our open windows.  I’m so ready for spring!  This morning we went to the park with the dog and I logged my 2nd activity on my new heart rate monitor Jason and his dad and stepmom got me for my birthday: 

Polar FT60I’m still learning how to use it and have yet to actually run with it, but I’ve wanted one for awhile.  When I engage in strenuous exercises, I tend to wuss out and stop pushing myself as hard as I could, so I’ve reasoned that if I have the feedback of a monitor, I’ll know my heart isn’t about to explode and I should keep going!


Earlier this week we made an AMAZING shepherd’s pie recipe:


turkey shepherd's pie turkey shepherd's pie

…and I also attempted a layered baked ratatouille based on this recipe:



My mission was to use up ALLL the veggies, not make it look pretty.  Success!


Later this evening we’re headed to a friend’s birthday celebration, so I attempted to make a variation of my Irish Car Bomb cookies last night, but the ganache just ain’t working out.

car bomb cookies

So I’m attempting this recipe instead.  Got the dough logs chilling in the fridge (leftover ratatouille in the background!) while I roast some cauliflower for a snack.

car bomb cookie dough logs  cauliflower

My weight has been steady this week, but we’ve celebrated my 30th birthday a few times and thus I’ve been a little loose with my diet plan.  At least I haven’t gained!

We also got our engagement pictures back this week (done by the fabulous Joshua and Aaron Moore – I’m obsessed with their work and can’t wait for them to capture our wedding!!), and while I’m quite pleased with them, I’m frustrated with how I still look.  It was definitely eye-opening to realize how much farther I have to go, especially when seeing my ass/hip/thigh area front and center of a wide-angle shot like this:

engagement photos

My arms are my most embarrassing part, and the one I’m most focused on toning right now.  It’s easier to hide chunky thighs, but flabby arms are harder to camouflage, in my opinion.

engagement photos 

Right now I’m doing this dumbbell circuit from Fitsugar but need to step up the efforts to drop weight all over.  It’s happened before and will happen again – I know my arms will shrink when the rest of me does.

Cauliflower is done, drizzled with some Bolthouse Farms yogurt ranch (the cauliflower is spicy), and I’m off to finish baking my cookies!!

roasted cauliflower

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