First Post!

Yeah, the title is campy, but hey - it works. I need a place to vent, bitch, and brag about my steps toward weight loss that will actually make me accountable. I've been writing in a journal, but even I don't go back and read the entries later. I've got a private co-blog with a few friends from Weight Watchers but know that a few other friends are on this journey also, though they've chosen a different route. I subscribe to an insane amount of blogs on Google Reader (most of them are wedding planning blogs though I'm not engaged or even dating anyone) and read a fair few of "dieting" or "weight loss" blogs. So call me self-centered or not easily satisfied, but here I am making my own.

I've just finished Week 1 Day 2 of Robert Ullrey's Couch to 5K was harder than Wk1 Day1. Are my muscles still fatigued from two days ago? I went super slow and it super sucked, but I still did it. Because I'm having a hard time with Week 1 (i.e., walking faster than I "run"), I'm thinking about repeating Week 1 twice. I'm gonna go on the interwebs now and check some message boards to see if other people have done this or if I should just stick it out and move on to Week 2.

Here's what I've eaten today:
(I might get all crazy and start posting pictures of what I eat, a la Melissa's Journey)

  • (Blogger's note - I woke up ridiculously embarrassingly late and can't eat for awhile after taking my Synthroid, so...yeah, I skipped breakfast and went straight on to lunch) Baked sweet potato with spray butter, cinnamon, and Splenda brown sugar - 3pts
  • Bird's Eye corn/asparagus/baby carrot mix - 1pt
  • Dole Perfect Harvest Salad - This is the illinest stuff EVER. Dole has all these awesome new bagged salad kits...check 'em out! - 4pts
  • PB & honey sandwich + milk - 7pts
  • Roasted potatoes - 3pts
  • carrots - 1pt
  • veggie relish stuff my mom makes (excellent) - 3pts
  • beer x2 - 5.5pts
  • dessert/nightcap - frappuccino + kahlua - 8pts