Nasty Noodles

I had heard buzz floating around about these 0-point noodles (40 calories for the whole package of 2 servings) and actually found it in my podunk grocery store! I was so excited about these noodles, endorsed by Hungry Girl (has this site scared anyone else away with its navigational ineptitude?), and had such high hopes. They were dashed when I read the instructions:

That's right....Cook "to reduce the authentic aroma." Yeeeeah, it smelled like fish. Or old mushrooms. Or Bradford Pear trees when all their blossoms start festering and fermenting. That's EXACTLY what it smelled like. I couldn't get past the smell - I drained it, nuked it, nuked it some more, drained it, nuked it again with tomato sauce on it, poured parmesan cheese and salt on top.... I tried to eat it. I really did. The texture is that springy rubbery texture that so many of those tofu macrobiotic protein products have (which isn't so bad), but I was already too far gone from the smellage. Several days ago I made "meatball" subs with these meat-free meatballs, and their texture/taste is a little off, too. On the hoagie roll laden with cheese they weren't so bad, but nestled lovingly in fishy tofu noodles brought out the worst in the leftovers, so I just had to give up. Instead I nuked a staple, Lean Cuisine's Butternut Squash Ravioli. Good stuff.