New week, fresh start, and all that jazz.

After yet another disappointment on the scale Monday night, I kicked my own ass. Hard.

I can't waste this opportunity to fix myself, so it HAS to work.

Yesterday I did all the right things, counted points, blah blah blah. And I still went over. Two of my snacks consisted of bread, and for lunch I had a frozen Healthy Choice that was 6 points straight out of the maybe those sent me over.

Today I'm doing much better and on track, though I skipped breakfast. I do ok points-wise if I skip breakfast (and sleep till lunch) but that's not good for anything, all things considered. I am trying to figure out snacks that I like and meals I can put together with low point values that don't center on one point- and calorie-dense pre-packaged feature.

I'm trying to re-condition myself to like fruit. We've had lots of strawberries over the past few weeks, so I'm putting them in yogurt parfaits and smoothies and stuff. I'm trying to get in the habit of eating apples, and already this week I've eaten grapes a few times as a go-to snack. It's difficult to get all the stuff I need (protein, fiber) without meat, so I'm looking at a few meal-planning ideas to get a better handle on what I should be eating. I'm only down a total of about 4-5 pounds still, so hopefully this jump-start week will make some of the first real progress I've had in months - I could use it. I'm going crazy!