Getting back in the swing of things

I've had a mini-meltdown tonight.

All week I've done superbly - one for the books, so I thought. Then today at WW I weighed in and had gained 0.2lbs. I pouted all meeting long and wasn't a very good participant (plus I've switched meetings and am still trying to figure out/warm up to my new leader). So after I left and got in the car, I fell apart. Mom is going to these WW meetings with me (she's a lifetime member and is trying to get back on track in her own way, too), so she got the brunt of my freakout. I was so upset because I did everything right - went on an hour-long hike Sunday, went to the gym Tuesday (for the first time in like 8 months!) and did 20 minutes of cardio and 2 weight machines, went to the gym Wednesday and did 45 minutes of cardio, I've been drinking Green Monsters all week....and I still gained weight.

In comes mom to remind me that I went out to eat Monday night (fatty salad, croissant, and pasta, 1 cocktail) and Tuesday night (real burger - I usually don't eat meat - with onion rings and 2 pints of regular beer). Today I went to Panera an hour before my weigh-in. So yeah, maybe those things contributed to my weight gain, but I still wrote everything down and thought I had accounted for everything. Whatever, I was pissed.

So this week, maybe I'll try blogging too to see if it'll help at all. Couldn't hurt, right? And I'm reading some amazing girls' blogs that are really inspiring me to eat healthier and work out it inspiration, call it peer pressure, seems to be working.

Hopefully I'll be back here tomorrow to report good things about my food and exercise!


  1. Good luck this week, Kat. Looking forward to reading about your progress. Mine's kind of on hold because of surgery recovery and stuff... I've been doing nothing but eating and sleeping so I'm sure I'll gain back a few pounds. Hope to feel good enough next week to do some walking around the neighborhood just to get moving again though.


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