Blew it.

This happens so often to me…I eat “ok” all day, then run out of (or really low on) Points in the mid-afternoon, then I eat dinner, which usually goes above and beyond what I should even consider eating.  Case in point:

DSC07063The almond butter with breakfast?  Yeah, vastly underestimated the damage that caused.  I had counted on it being 2  Points, but it was more like 4.5.  For lunch I did ok (so I thought) and had a salad and sandwich.  The sandwich was an Arnold’s sandwich thin (1 Point) with a Morningstar Chik Patty (3 Points) and about a tablespoon of yogurt-based ranch dressing (1 Point).  5 Points for a sandwich.  I should’ve left it  at that.  But I had a salad also – lettuce and greens with blueberries…not so bad, right?  But I had to put crumbled feta (2 Points’ worth?), almonds (3 Points), and berry vinaigrette (2 Points).  That’s 5 Points for the sandwich and 7 for the salad – 12 Points.  Plus the Hostess 100-Calorie pack cupcakes, an additional 1 Point.










If I had had a veggie wrap, it would’ve been no more than 4 Points, and I could’ve left the cheese and almonds off the salad for vastly fewer calories and fat grams.  I’m terrible at rationing my Points, and – I’ve said this before – I’m not a planner.  I’ve never been able to plan meals ahead.  I could when I lived alone and only had myself to worry about, but I never got good at it because that was a period in my life where I didn’t give a crap about myself or my health, so I just ate anything and everything.


Enough ranting.  I’m reporting what I had for dinner and then moving on my merry way.  I know what I did wrong today and what I can do differently tomorrow, and that’s all I can hope for right now.  DSC07076

Mom and I and a friend of ours took a knitting class where we learned to make a totebag, and tonight was the 2nd part of  that class.  I’m a little advanced for it and could’ve made it from just reading the pattern, but it was neat to take it with mom and our friend.  Our little knitting shop is so cute, and the girl who owns it is such a sweetheart, so it was fun to be there and enjoy myself away from home.  After our class, we went to Mellow Mushroom in the Vista area of downtown Columbia.  Mom and I split a Gourmet White pizza, and I had a Franziskaner (it was so good, I downed it without taking a photo), followed by part of an Abita Turbodog.  I’m not a fan of the Turbodog…I didn’t remember how dark it was!  I’m not a dark beer fan usually.DSC07080

So yeah, all in all, today’s a wash as far as eating goes.  I wonder how much I can say that before it starts to sink in that I need to plan ahead if I don’t want to eat rabbit food all the time?

Before I go to bed, I’m going to pencil out a menu plan for tomorrow and see if I can’t stick to it, at least loosely.  I’ll be blogging tomorrow about my planned meals vs. real meals.




And to lighten the mood in here, since I was really down on myself, here’s a picture of my sweet puppy, Madigan with a laundry basket behind her (I showed Mom this picture and she said, “what’s that on her back??”).