Blogging company

My cat, Brooks, is a very skittish little fella.  At any loud noise, he bolts faster that your eye can follow.  Usually if approached (unless you’re offering food), he’ll flee.  But most nights after everyone else has gone to bed and I’m up late reading blogs or writing them myself, he’ll come up to me and allow me to put him in my lap.  After a few minutes of coaxing and petting, he’ll settle down in the crook of my arm and watch me work on the computer.  Last night I was able to document it, but he obviously looks peeved with the paparazzi interrupting his quiet time.


Bless his crooked little nose splotch.

Speaking of animals, all our dogs are sick.  The worst kind of sick.  Where you wake up in the morning hoping for the all-clear but end up getting intimate with a bottle of Resolve carpet cleaner and rubber gloves.  That kind of sick.  So first thing this morning I was on clean-up duty and it turned my stomach so much I couldn’t even eat breakfast until 11am.  When the ick subsided, I was ravenous, so I made myself my waffle/almond butter/banana combo with a side of skim + chai.


Please overlook the clutter.  I obviously do.  smile_sniff

A few hours of job applications and blogs later, I made lunch from repurposed dinner.  It was my intention to make a sandwich out of the eggplant dish Mom made last night, but it didn’t go quite as I had planned.  There was much too much tomato sauce, and the bottom of my sandwich got soggy.  It was the messiest thing I’ve eaten in awhile…like a cross between eggplant parmigiana and sloppy joes.


That’s essentially two layers of eggplant, so I ate the top layer off before even attempting to squeeze it between two slices of bread.  It helped, but not much.  On the side were leftover peas and asparagus from yesterday.  Followed by this heavenly creature:


I really need to be productive on like 80 different things today, but all I want to do is sit and read.  I’ve been really anxious and stressed lately and would kill to flip a switch and turn it off for a short time, though I feel guilty taking “time off” when I don’t have a real job.  It’s exhausting being unemployed and socially worthless!  smile_angry