Crashed and burned

Whew…I PTFOed last night.  I was exhausted and only thought about posting as my head hit the pillow - i.e., too late.  I managed to successfully complete C25K Week 5 Day 2 yesterday!  I didn’t have to stop during either of my 8-minute runs!  I went stupidly slow as usual, but hey…I made it!  I’m convinced that part of the reason I did ok yesterday was because the directional arrow was back the way it’s supposed to be:


How dare they change it Monday?? It completely threw me off!

I was SO EXHAUSTED when I came home from the gym.  Every part of my body was achy and fatigued.  I made a recovery protein Green Monster filled with spinach, almond milk, banana, frozen blueberries, and protein powder.


It might be an icky grayish-green, but it tasted pretty good and hopefully patched things up inside!  Yesterday’s big highlight (aside from finishing W5D2) was a visit to our new local Wal-Mart.  I’m not a fan of this conglomo-giant and rather like to patronize local, smaller business whenever possible, but mom and I had to check out what the community fought for so long.


Apparently this is the first of its kind in our state…it’s smaller and the aisles don’t have displays in them (Good for congestion, bad for directional-flow.  People were walking down aisles in the middle and on the right side…call me anal-retentive, but I think walking down aisles should be likened to driving on the road…stay in your own lane).  The photo processing center and Site to Store are in the front so you don’t have to wade through the crap to get to them, so that’s a plus.  Everything is laid out so weird, though…I get used to one store and have to start memorizing a new one.

One thing I got was a knockoff Garmin watch/pedometer/distance calculator/heart rate monitor.  I was so excited about seeing a cheapy one that I didn’t even stop to consider where the sensors were.  Who thought it was a good idea to have a pedometer on your wrist?  It’s disgustingly inaccurate.  I’m giving it a couple days to play with, but I’ll probably end up sending it back…thank goodness it’s got a guarantee/warranty/whatever.  And the heart rate monitor sensors aren’t under the watch on the wrist like you’d think, but a button on top of the watch; you have to push the sensor button to get a reading, and so far it’s been different for each finger I’ve used.  Le sigh.


Dinner last night was small…I had half a roll of sushi with crab and cream cheese (was so hungry, I forgot to take a picture), and through the evening had two small glasses of wine.  I made a semi-bad choice…I was going to make mom and me a big salad with blueberries and other lovely things, but instead, we had a bigger dessert (rationale: she’s on vacation for a couple of days.  I must learn to quell the “celebration” eating mindset).  I came out ahead on my Points for yesterday, but as far as nutrients go, I should’ve had a smaller dessert and a higher-quality dinner.


This is a half-cup of Ben & Jerry’s Half-Baked FroYo with two sugar cookies.   It’s definitely not as bad as it could’ve been, and like I said, I was in the black for Points yesterday, but still…it could’ve been better.  After finishing this and watching some South Park, I promptly went to bed and PTFOed.  smile_wink

In honor of what should be the first day of school (it is for kids around here), we had our traditional chocolate chip pancake breakfast that we used to make on the first day of school each year. 


We used FiberOne pancake mix so it’s not entirely horrible, but it’s still a large chunk of my day.  I’ve already had 1/3 of my Points allowance (pancakes + syrup + Lite Frappuccino) which isn’t so bad, but I’m headed out to lunch in a few minutes to see a friend who’s home from NYC.  Good news: we’re going to our Mediterranean restaurant which has relatively lighter fare than others.  Bad news: we’re celebrating her birthday and are planning on dessert afterward.  Lord, beer me strength to face this dessert like a weight-loss champ.  I’ll take pictures, of course!


  1. "Hey, beer me that CD."

    Ohhhhhh Andy...

    P.s. I almost forgot that Pam was going to be pregnant this coming season and got all excited when I randomly remembered it the other day. :D


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