Doing much better today!

So far I’ve done really well today…I skipped breakfast, but not in a purposeful “I mustn’t eat” sort of way.  I’m locking myself away in my room looking at jobs, and time just kind of came and went.  I had an earlyish lunch and didn’t go overboard on anything!  One meal at a time…wahoo!

One thing I’m going to try to improve is my vegetable intake.  I can add fruit to anything, but veggies are harder for me to get in for some reason.  In grad school, I lived on these Birds Eye Steamfresh bags, often eating an entire bag at a time.  They make really good mixed vegetable bags that I would serve over rice as a stir-fry.DSC07085

So lunch included half this bag of green beans (1 Point) as well as a Lean Cuisine meal…angel hair pomodoro, I believe it was called (5 Points).  I put a little bit of shredded parmesan on top for 1 extra Point.


In addition to increasing my vegetable intake, I need to try to decrease my sodium intake.  I’m horrible about dumping salt on EVERYTHING.  It’s a good thing I didn’t put the full-resolution image of my lunch up here, because you’d be able to count the individual crystals.  Bad Kat.


I rounded out my lunch with a Weight Watchers fudgesicle for 1 Point, and then a couple hours later the banana (2 Points).  I don’t mean for this blog to sound as “See. Spot. Run.” as it does…I’m working on finding my voice.  And it would help if I’d eat less boring stuff in less boring situations.  smile_wink

I’m dreading going to the Y to run today.  I had such a hard time with Monday’s W5D1 of C25K, even worse than the first time I did it last week.  Today I’ve got two 8-minute runs; last week I had to stop halfway through each to get some water.  Maybe I’m not as thirsty as I think I am…maybe I can make it without stopping for water, like maybe it’s my security blanket.  We’ll see how I do this week…it doesn’t help that I’m nervous and my heart’s already pounding without even setting foot on the track.

I forgot to mention this Monday, but I run on the track because A) I’m clumsy and have gotten thrown off the back of a treadmill before, and 2) I want to know how it feels to really run and have to propel myself forward, not simply move my feet to stay in place.  I’m not sure if I’ve actually heard that treadmill running is easier, but it appears like it might be.  Any truth to that?  Bueller?  Bueller?

So yeah, I run on the track, and there’s a directional arrow pointing which way traffic should flow.  Monday, the arrow had reversed.  I felt so awkward turning right instead of left, and I immediately thought of Zoolander…on the catwalks, he could only turn one way.  So I cracked myself up thinking about how awkward I was taking my turns.  I think I’m going to bite the bullet and go…ohh so scared.