Moving at a glacial pace

Today at the gym, I re-did Week 5 Day 1, and it was a doozie.  I don’t know if it was the giant carby brunch I had or what, but I felt so weak when I was running.  I really pushed myself hard to complete each 5-minute run, and it felt more difficult than last week.  Needless to say, I’m a tad bummed.  During each interval, I ran a little over 1/3 of a mile (17 laps = 1mile and I ran about 6 each time), so that means I was running a 15min/mile pace?  Oh god that’s PATHETIC!  I swear I’ve walked a mile in 15 minutes.  I’m really discouraged, but I’m going to keep going.  Maybe I was just having a bad day…

Moving on to food.  When I got home from the Y and the grocery, I was seriously hungry.  I made myself a bowl of peach  DSC07043 DSC07047yogurt/Kashi cereal/blueberries. (see, I did eat some today!).  It was about 4 points’  worth.  Maybe an hour after that, I was still hungry so I grabbed a plate of grapes, crackers, and a mini Babybel cheese (another 4 points’ worth?).  I needed some more energy to tackle the giant mess that is our kitchen.  I’ve slacked off all week on the dishes front and they were starting to plot against me.

I’ve been craving stir-fry for awhile so I bought stuff today at the store to make it.  While I was cooking I had a glass of chardonnay that I forgot to take a picture of…I was on a mission!  In my stir-fry, I had garlic, shrimp, broccoli, sugar snapDSC07050 peas, matchstick carrots, and broccoli slaw.  I’m so mad – I bought mushrooms especially for this and forgot to put them in.  I usually pull stunts like that, and I even double-checked the fridge to make sure I had gotten everything.  Oh well, I think it was better without it.  I divided the entire batch into two for my mom and me and served it over white rice (my intention was to use brown, but our unopened bag had those stupid little mothy things in it, so I had to toss it), and both of us only ate about half of what was on our plates – I put soy sauce and spicy peanut sauce on mine.  When I lived alone, I’d often make big batches of stuff (usually pasta or stir-fry), because I’d only eat what made me full.  That’s counterintuitive to what research usually says, though.  You usually hear that you should only dish out what you should eat so you’ll know when to stop, but it helped me to know ahead of time that I couldn’t finish the entire bowl, forcing me to listen to my fullness cues to know when to stop.  After the initial serving, I’d have to dish out leftovers based on portion-control though. 

Back to the food, after dinner I needed something to get the taste out of my mouth (I’m really weird about seafood, when I can eat it, under what conditions, etc.), so I had two Hershey’s Kisses and a mint.  Later on this evening I had a Weight Watchers 1-point fudgesicle.  I have a hard time not ending every meal or most meals with something sweet.  It’s a habit I’d like to change.  Not necessarily do away with, but I’d like to be happy with less.  Usually I feel stiffed if I’ve only had one of those fudgesicles or a teeny pudding cup.  However, those things are better to eat than a bowl of ice cream or that giant cookie sundae thing I had last night.  I’ll try to focus on being happy with less (which is a motto I need to carry in other areas of my life, as well!).