One more thing…

DSC07039The penny coupon today and tomorrow at Publix (around here at least) is a half-gallon of their tea!  I don’t usually get it because it’s got a bitter tannin-y taste to it, for 1¢, shoot. I’ve already drank almost half of my diet sweet tea with Splenda and will be delighted to finish it off tomorrow!

We also got a couple pints of fresh blueberries.  I’ve got about 7lbs of frozen blueberries I picked myself, but I want to buy fresh while I can…they lose something after they’re frozen, IMHO.  So yeah, I should have some fresh blueberries at least once tomorrow!  No excuses!  I’ll need some antioxidant-laced energy if I’m going to survive C25k Week 6 Day 1 tomorrow. smile_cry

And here’s a picture of one of DSC07024my kitties, Lucky.  As soon as mom removed the coffee maker from its shopping bag, he hopped right in.