“Staycation” weekend

Mom had Thursday and Friday off this week, so we’ve had a little staycation!  She had originally planned to take a whole week off for us to go to the beach, but things at work prevented that from happening.  So we hung around home and goofed off (as if we don’t do that all the time).  We spent almost 5 hours on Friday at Riverbanks Zoo, and we got to do touristy stuff we don’t normally do.  Usually when we go, we’ll only spend an hour or two; this time we got to see all the fun planned stuff they do.  We saw the penguins and gorillas being fed and watched a scuba diver feeding the fish in the big aquarium.  We sat in on a little educational show featuring a couple of awesome birds.  We saw baby flamingos take wobbly steps and fall on backwards on their little knobby knees.  It was so much fun!!

First off, I knew we’d be walking a lot during the day, so I had Kashi waffles with almond butter and bananas  for energy with a lite Frappuccino.  I’ve been drinking these too often lately.  At least it’s only once a day, though.


When we got to the zoo, we got Starbucks caramel macchiatos with sugar-free syrup, and I had mine made with soy milk.  I’m such a pansy when it comes to hot drinks…it takes me a really long time to drink that first sip, so mine lasted for a darned long time.  When it came time for lunch, we went to a cafe that was supposed to have a lot of great options, but I was sorely disappointed.  They had some good bottled smoothies and snack/energy bars, but I really wanted a sandwich or wrap.  They didn’t have any veggie options other than a couple of plain icky salads.  No hummus wraps, no veggie burgers, nothing.  I was tempted to get chicken fingers, but I had just shared quite a few quality moments with some very cute chickens at the zoo’s farm area, so I was re-committed to not eating meat.  I ended up with a Greek salad and a packet of balsamic vinaigrette dressing (which was creamier and more opaque than it should’ve been, in my opinion).  Quite a few pieces of lettuce and cucumbers were icky, so I picked through and got the good stuff.  I don’t eat tomatoes, so all in all, this salad didn’t do much for me.  Mom got a cheeseburger and fries so I bummed a few fries off her.



After walking around for another couple hours after lunch, we decided to get Dippin’ Dots before leaving.  I was feeling like such a little kid that I decided to get the cotton candy flavor.  It tasted just like an ice cream bar I used to get every so often when I was little…it was a perfect ending to our day at the zoo!


My camera died right after I took this picture, so the remainder of my food pics were taken with my Blackberry (i.e., the images suck, hard).

For dinner I had a Morningstar Grillers Prime with corn on the cob and a 3-bean mixture thingy on the side.  I’m having Flickr issues, so I can’t upload the others.  Late in the afternoon, I had an awesome snack similar to my waffle breakfast…an Arnold’s Sandwich Thin with almond butter and banana slices with honey.  Gaaaahhh I’ll be making this again.  Mom and I also split the weirdest thing…peanut butter and strawberry-flavored M&Ms.  At first I didn’t think they sounded good at all, but it’s similar to a peanut butter and strawberry jelly sandwich…plus chocolate and a candy shell…  I probably won’t get them again (and not just because of the calories, heh), but they weren’t bad.  It’s so weird – I’m looking for a picture of the bag since the Internet and my phone are obviously in cahoots against me right now, but all the M&Ms bags I’m seeing are a Transformers promotion, and the ones I had were standing alone and had their own bag, no Transformers mentioned anywhere.

OK, I can tell I’m rambling, so I’m cutting this short so I can start on today’s recap.  I’m not a fan of getting behind on blogs!!