Sunday Blues

After all these years of going back to school or work (not that it applies now, but let’s not open that can of worms) on Mondays, Sundays just have this foreboding feeling that makes me depressed and cranky.  I’m not sure they’ll ever be a fun day for me, and that sucks.  Today I was very unproductive.  Very VERY unproductive.  I call it an ok day, though…I tooled around on the computer a lot and ran errands with mom tonight.  We had a very interesting experience at dinner, but more on that later.DSC07009

My 2½ tiny pizza squares didn’t hold me over very long.  At around 3pm I had a bowl of Kashi Honey Flax cereal with skim milk, almond butter, and a banana.  Mom made these little Fiber One apple muffins this morning (2pts apiece!) so I ate half of it and crumbled half in my bowl-o-slop (they were pretty dry and dense).  Later I had another muffin with pumpkin butter, accompanied by a small glass of skim milk and chai tea concentrate (I snarfed it, so no picture).

Mom and dad’s big drip coffee maker died, so mom and I went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond with a 20% coupon to get a new one.  I HATE crowds and get kinda panicky and claustrophobic, so BB&B is  a pretty crazy place to be when you live 20 min from a big state university.  We wanted to go somewhere different for dinner, i.e., not Panera, and decided to try O’Charley’s which we had never been to.  What a mistake that was.  We’re never going back.  It was crowded, understaffed, and really trashy.  I’m not often snobby, but when dining in sit-down restaurants where people show DSC07011up wearing plastic flip-flops and cutoff sweatpants, I have to turn up my nose a little.  Mind you, I’m never snobby to the waitstaff…I try to be as low-maintenance a patron as possible. Our poor girl was new and made several mistakes, but I could tell she was frazzled, so I didn’t say anything. 

I ordered a Tangerine Pomegranate Margarita – got a Tangerine Grapefruit one instead…no biggie.  I would’ve rather had  the one I ordered, but I didn’t say anything and drank it anyway (I’m a pansy and felt bad for our waitress).  It was good, but a little too tart for my taste.

Our salads were made with icky iceberg, though it’s not like they advertised something better and stiffed us.  The poor girl said “I’ll bring you guys some rolls in just a minute” when she dropped off our drinks, but we had to ask for them about 10 minutes later when she brought our salads (I ordered light honey mustard but I suspect it was full-calorie).  The bread was good…I don’t want to know how many calories was in one of them, though!  I had one and a half rolls with my salad.


For my entree, I picked a Cajun salmon that was served with rice and a cream sauce with vegetables.  The “sauce” was a little too gravy-like for my taste…a bit more thick and rich than what I was after.  It was overall pretty good though.  

The picture below was taken after I had mixed everything up, so it’s really not pretty to look at.  You can tell by looking, though, how heavy it all was.  I also had a few bites of mom’s broccoli cheese casserole.  I wish I had gotten something lighter, like a salad.  There was also another snafu with our order, but this post is already über-verbose, so I’ll just say we were very disappointed with our experience there. 

I’ve got to rant about people while I’m in this mode…I mentioned people’s attire at the restaurant, which was appalling at DSC07014best.  I’m not saying O’Charley’s is a place for you to wear a tailcoat and top hat, but these people looked like they just staggered over from the Health Department after their weekly delousing.  When we got out of our car to go in, I noticed the car next to me had an unopened can of beer sitting in the console of the front seat.  “Classy,” I said as we walked to the door.  Lo and behold, the [loud] people [with loud children ]sitting in the booth across from us included the driver of that car.  She was tall and thin and wearing a halter top and had two small girls in tow; they left their booth just before we did.  She put the kids in the car and then stood outside for a minute to light up her cigarette as I opened my door and got in our car.  I glanced over to notice she had moved the beer when she put the kids in the car.  Double classy.  On the way home while mom and I were bitching and moaning about the armpit of humanity which is our small community Down South, we saw a gentleman peeing on a bush at a local high school.DSC07034

Le sigh.

So we’re home watching shows on the Discovery Channel about storms and floods, and I’m weeping because the brave rescue people keep swooping down from helicopters and plucking people stranded on their cars!  And I cry at anything and everything!  Why am I watching this?!  Anywho, I made a pretty sweet (pun intended) dessert tonight…mixed low-sugar apple pie filling with Splenda, cinnamon, and nutmeg, put it in a ramekin, covered it with chunks of sugar cookie dough, then baked it for 30 min or so at 350°.  And then smothered it with low-fat ice cream.  I haven’t been stellar at counting my Points this week so far and am dreading my Thursday weigh-in.  I still have four days to turn it around, though.  Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have better stuff to report.  And I’ll definitely have more fruits and veggies…today was pathetic. (It helps to see everything in picture form to really realize how carb- and fat-heavy my meals were today so I can fix that tomorrow!)

I’m wrapping things up here and going to bed early (for me) to read some more Twilight.  I’m still not converted yet.  It’s definitely no Harry Potter.