Sundays make me sleepy

In addition to making me cranky, Sundays are exhausting.  I actually managed to take a nap today, so that was pretty exciting.  Oftentimes I’ll lay down to take a nap and won’t be able to sleep, even if I’m falling-down tired.  So frustrating.

Today was Mom’s last official staycation day; she heads back to work tomorrow.  We wanted to start off the day with something vacationy, so we went out for brunch.  We rarely (as in, maybe twice a year) go out for breakfast, but when we do, it’s to Lizard’s Thicket.  I usually get a veggie omelette but wanted to do something different today so I went for a waffle with skillet apples on top and sugar-free syrup (how is such a thing made, I wonder?).  I also reeeeeally wanted a biscuit, so I had one on the side.  And sweet tea…I NEVER get sweet tea.  Let’s just say, my pancreas is pissed. smile_angel


Doesn’t Mom’s French toast look flippin’ amazing back there??  And here is my glorious waffle with the apples and syrup all smothered on top:


[Cue Homer Simpson gurgling sound]  After brunch, we had planned to go to Barnes and Noble to browse some books and get some Starbucks lattes, but we were too full for coffee.  We found a few magazines and a couple little notebooks to bring home with us, and I added a few things to my Christmas wish list.  The Daring Book for Girls and its sequel seem like so much fun!

When we got home, I was in a crabby depressed mood, so I laid down to take a nap.  Mom’s been talking about going swimming/floating out on the lake during her vacation, so after a short while she came to wake me up so we could go out and do just that.  We lounged around on floating chairs and each had a couple of beers…it was so relaxing!  When we’d had enough (i.e., ran out of beers and our skin was getting pink), we rounded up my dad and all three of us went out on the lake in the boat.


I love how this picture of Bomb Island reminds me of the island on LOST!  In the late summer, purple martins come here to roost and usually cloud up the sky.  There are hundreds of thousands of these birds usually, but we didn’t see any.  Maybe we’ve already missed their season?

While we were out on the boat, Mom and I snacked on some Stacy’s naked pita chips and some more of that flippin’ awesome tahini hummus, along with a Babybel lite cheese wheel each.  All day long I’ve snacked on almonds, so those combined with our snack on the boat made me not want dinner.  I had a bowl of cherries when we got home…


…and was debating whether or not to eat anything “real” for dinner when mom asked about dessert.  She wanted to do something fun for her last night, so we repeated what we had yesterday.  Frozen yogurt with Cool Whip, bananas, cherries, sugar free chocolate syrup, and sprinkles:


I hope this picture adequately displays how not-huge this dessert was.  In writing more in my blog, I’m realizing how it comes across that this week I’ve had some pretty crappy-for-you desserts.  Truth is, I pretty much eat dessert every night, but it’s usually never more than 3 Points’ worth.  Now that we’re out of vacation mode, things will most likely return to normal this week.  Which is good, because I just got some pretty awesome Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches I’m dying to try…cookies and cream!!  The other flavors are only 2 Points’ worth, I think, so I’m hoping these are as well…haven’t calculated them yet.

Tomorrow I’ll start C25K Week 6 and I’m excited!  Funny how succeeding makes you feel more motivated.  I find that in Weight Watchers meetings too…if I did well that week, I’m more likely to stay for the meeting and even speak up in discussions.  If I’ve gained or stayed the same, I’m likely to either A) leave crying, or B) sit there and pout and not participate.  I’m so fickle.  But yes, I’m excited about tomorrow because it’s back to intervals!  At least for a couple days…I’m not looking forward to tackling the 25-minute behemoth on Friday, but I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.