Takin’ care of business

I’ve cleaned off my desk (well, cleared some of the junk off).  I’ve (somewhat) tidied up the area around my desk.  I’ve read everything in Google Reader.  I’ve started today’s job search.  smile_omg

I’m looking in some places I haven’t thought to look before and am finding a few new things.  Hopefully today I’ll apply to several good ones!

This morning I had instant oatmeal – the Quaker Weight Control in banana bread flavor.  I added some ground-up DSC07060 flaxseed, a banana, and almond butter (in the picture it looks like a whole lot of AB, but I’m pretty sure it’s an optical illusion; I only had about 2Tbsp).  And on the side, a loverly Lite Frappuccino.  I get frustrated a lot of mornings because I usually go to bed hungry and wake up hungrier, but I take thyroid medication that works on an empty stomach.  Meaning, I can’t eat for at least 30 minutes after I’ve taken it (I’ve also heard an hour…I need to do more research).  Half an hour isn’t that long, but when you’re sitting around KNOWING you can’t eat yet, it becomes annoying.

So, the damage so far -

Food Points
Frappuccino 2
banana 2
almond butter 2
oatmeal 3
TOTAL 9 points (a little less than ⅓ of my daily allowance)

Off to continue being productive…wish me luck!!