Challenge Day 1: FAIL

Remember how I’m all “hey guys!  I’m going to eat 5 fruits and veggies a day! It’s gonna be super!”?  Meh.  Chalk Day #1 up to a FAIL.  I’ve tried making an excuse based on situations external to my control, but the truth is, I really could have succeeded if I really tried.  I’ve got to stop making excuses for stuff like that.

The day started innocently enough.  I haven’t had eggs in awhile so I decided to make a sandwich using 2/3 egg white and 1/3 whole egg (both were from a carton, so it’s easy to use ratios).  I got a rude awakening by my cute little (ZOMG!!11!1) egg pan…I’ve been using WAY TOO MUCH egg when I make my sandwiches!  I never measure, but using a giant sauté pan really skewed my view on how much egg was enough.  I always had a giant sandwich but never really conceptualized how much I really was eating.


Check out this sweet little pan!!!!


It matches my little spatulas!  I love these little guys.  So yeah, I put in enough egg to cover the bottom of the pan, but when it cooked it was such a teensy amount I had to make that much more once again.  I’ll definitely measure next time to see how much I really should have and compare it to how much I’m used to having.


Here’s my egg sandwich with 2% Pepper Jack cheese and a wickedly ripe honeydew that I need to eat fast before it just turns into mush.  I also had Trop 50 no pulp OJ on the side.  thumbs_up

Brooks definitely liked the eggs:


He’s such a punk…always climbing all over you to get whatever you’re eating.  (Say, what’s that on TV in the background?  It’s a Nicktoons Christmas DVD, because I’m a huge nerd!)

Today I had errands to run…I actually really like running errands.  It makes me feel purposeful in a pretty purposeless life (not to sound all emo and pouty…it’s just kind of how I feel most days due to my situation).  First stop was picking up our BIKES!!!  Mom and I got these bikes between 10 and 15 years ago and never really got into riding a lot.  We’d ride around the neighborhood but never took them anywhere to ride.  Then we put them in the shed and forgot about them, letting them get rusty and fall subject to dry rot.  Finally we decided to take them out of retirement and get them all fixed up.  They’ve been at the bike shop for a month or so getting all spruced up, and I can’t wait to take them out, especially to Saluda Shoals Park!


Don’t worry, I took this while stopped at a traffic light.  smile_angel

While I was running around, I got a tall pumpkin frappuccino…I don’t think I’ve ever had one of these – I usually stick to lattes.


And I had some of this chocolate bar I got at World Market:


‘Twas truly terrible.  Over the course of the day, however, I ended up eating the whole damned thing.  I should’ve stayed away from it and just stuck to my usual (dark chocolate with sea salt…I’m pretty good about only getting a little bit during the day).  Curiosity got the best of me, though, and I did buy it.  I could have at least tossed the rest when i found out it sucked.  It’s ok to throw away food when it’s not good.  I waste enough money as it is on various crap, I shouldn’t suddenly get frugal when it comes to food I don’t like.  If I bought it, and it sucks, I should be ok with throwing it away.  I’ll stick that on my infinite list of “shoulds.”

When I got home from all my running around, I had spicy crab sushi I got last night at the grocery store.  I am really not an avocado fan and get really weirded out when it gets mushy and all brown and whatnot, and since this sushi wasn’t exactly the freshest, the avocado was exactly how I hate it.


At least I got to use my sweet new chopsticks from World Market! (Can you tell I’m a bit obsessed with this place as of late?)  It’s too bad the sticks have stupid sticker residue on them…I was too impatient to get it off before I used them, though.

My aunt had hip replacement surgery earlier in the week and mom and I were going to go spend tonight with her and my uncle at their home a couple hours away from here, but mom opted to go alone at the last minute…I was ok with that decision as it wasn’t really a visiting situation and I might’ve just put undue stress on my aunt (Mom’s a nurse and could actually do some good), but I missed an opportunity to go to a baseball game with some friends.  C’est la vie.  I still went ahead and made dinner for my aunt and uncle, and while I was chopping celery, I found this little guy:


It’s a little snail…the picture looks grosser than I thought it would - sorry.  Surprisingly I wasn’t grossed out by it (of course I didn’t use that piece in my dish), but I kinda thought it was cool.  It proved the celery was definitely natural! 

After I finished pre-preparing dinner, I made some pumpkin scones from a bag mix to take to my aunt and uncle.  Of course I had to try one and wash it down with skim + chai.


Yeah, that’s orange and white sugar on top.  Symbolic of both pumpkin and Clemson.  :D

The dish I was making for dinner was this horrible (health-wise) southern casserole with chicken, cheese, mayo, cream of mushroom soup, and potato chips.  Its only redeeming quality is the celery, and there’s not much of it.  I made an extra recipe for dad’s dinner and was going to resist eating it myself because A) I don’t want to eat chicken, and B) did you see the ingredient list?  But in the end, I broke down because I was lazy and tired and it’s a comfort food from my childhood. 


Why am I so weak??  I could’ve had a frozen dinner that would’ve taken less than 10 minutes to prepare, sans meat, accompanied by actual vegetables!  Whyyyyyy do I find it so hard to stick to my plans?  Maybe it’s not that it’s so hard to stick to the plan but that it’s so easy to sway from it.  It takes guts to stick to your convictions and to stand up for what’s right and good, and I’ve been too much of a pushover lately when it comes to food.  I’ve got to stand up for myself and my health, for crying out loud!!

Dessert was B&J froyo straight from the carton, cuz I’m classy like that.  There was just a little over a serving left…I didn’t eat my way to that point, don’t worry.


I watched Twilight again because I’m obsessed and single and lonely…hehe.  I had a glass of wine while I watched and did some crafty stuff.  I make jewelry and other various accessories and am “trying” to set up an Etsy shop - I’ve already got a store but haven’t taken the initiative yet to finish it by putting stuff in it.  I made a pair of earrings tonight and a hair accessory:


This was my first attempt at one this caliber, and I definitely learned some lessons for next time.  I’ve got a few more I can make, so I’ll show off some cheers and jeers as I make them.

I’m going to pencil in a tentative menu for tomorrow to ensure I’ll get in my fruits and veggies…I’m definitely not the best at sticking to pre-planned menus, but I’m going to try!  Plus, tomorrow’s GAME DAY, so I’ll have a hard time nutritionally anyway and will need all the help I can get.  smile_devil


  1. Have you tried Green Monsters..go to angela's site www.ohsheglows..that will knock out 2-3 serves in one go :)

    Good luck. I've lost over hit me up if you need anything.



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