Coming Back from the Dead

Wow, I just imported pictures and realized it was a week ago that I last dumped pictures on my hard drive.  I didn’t realize I’d been away for a week!

Without getting into family drama, I’ve been unable to get on the computer for more than a few minutes at a time over the past few days.  During the few precious moments I have had, I’ve been trying to slowly chip away at my Google Reader before the dreaded 1000+ shows up, and I haven’t been doing many interesting things in my life anyway.  I’m trying to piece together the past few days with pictures…everything’s running together!

This weekend I made the Montana Whoppers featured on Meghann’s site:



Tried my first Tofurkey Beer Brats during Saturday’s football game, along with garlic rosemary oven fries and beer:


(verdict on the brats:  bleh.  I miss the real thing)

And ate lots and lots more of these:


Sunday through Tuesday sucked hard.  This is where the drama would be if the drama was being spoken of.  I’ve been working outside in the yard a lot and was only carrying my cell phone, so the few food pictures I’ve snapped are from my icky Blackberry camera (I still miss my enV camera sooo much…the BB camera sucks in comparison!)

One picture I have to share from Sunday – sushi with Brooks:


Breakfast from two mornings ago – I knew I’d need a lot of energy for all the yardwork I was doing, so I had my last two Kashi waffles with AB and banana with chai + skim on the side.

Nanner waffles

Lunch that day was a frozen WW ziti with Steamfresh Italian basil vegetables:


Dinner that night was cold Moe’s – I picked some up on the way home from my massage (!!!) appointment and was waiting for Mom to get home from a church meeting before I ate mine – a 30-minute meeting turned into 2 hours.  I was soooo hungry, and a glorious Moe’s burrito was sitting mere feet from me, but I was polite and didn't eat without her.


Breakfast Tuesday was cheese grits with more cheese…I’ve been on a grits kick lately:


Lunch Tuesday was a new product, Bird’s Eye Steamfresh “Lightly Sauced” pasta (this photo below is of the broccoli, taken at the grocery store when I first saw it…I broke into a fit of giggles and whipped out my camera in the middle of the aisle).

Here’s my lunch:

Lightly sauced

It was pretty good, and I think I’d have it again.  As you can see, I topped it with parmesan cheese because the alfredo sauce just wasn’t enough [sarcasm].smile_thinking

Dinner Tuesday was My Favorite Sushi from Publix!!!  We finally found some!!


Yesterday (Wednesday), I had rice noodles and Asian vegetables with spicy peanut sauce for lunch (the veggies were terrible…I think it’s possible for frozen food to go bad)


Of course my little leech was nearby…I shared a couple bites with him, but as always, he was more interested about what I was having than what I was giving.

I dropped off two ginormous boxes of clothes to Goodwill yesterday (and found out later that wasn’t even half of what I was supposed to take – oops!).  I was getting rid of old stuff that was out of season or that I just didn’t want anymore, like these cheapo stripper/Spice Girls boots from ca.1997


I don’t think I wore these bad boys even once.

After I dropped off the boxes, I picked up MY BIKE from the shop (no charge since what they had to do was classified as maintenance!) and went to THE PARK for a ride!!!


This is a little lookout area that branches off the path; there’s a bench there so you can sit and watch the river.  Maybe next time I go, I’ll take a camera and document the little ride I usually take – it’s such a nice place to ride!

Finally, wrapping up our Tour de Kat’s Life Over the Past Few Days, Mom and I went to a new restaurant last night.  We saw signs saying it was a sushi/Japanese place, so I was expecting a nice sit-down order-your-food, have-food-brought-to-you type of place.  Wrong.  It was a hibachi steakhouse.  I HAAAAATE those places where they cook in front of you.  I don’t like having to mingle with people I don’t know, and I felt bad for our cook last night because nobody was really interacting with him like he wanted them to (I was nice and made small-talk, of course…I might not have been happy with the situation, but I’m not a bitch  smile_regular).  I just wanted a nice, normal, low-key atmosphere.  And because I was sitting at a table with 5 strangers and a chef, I pussed out and didn’t take pictures of my food.  Mom and I split a couple of sushi rolls, I had a glass of cold sake, we had the soup and salad that come with their meals, I had the vegetable plate (they give you quite literally 3-4 cups of rice.  Add that to the 3 cups of vegetables on my plate and the sushi I had already eaten, and it looked like I barely even touched my plate), and the tiny cup of sherbet they bring after the meal.  The rice wasn’t fried (i.e., no vegetables or egg), so it was all stuck together and not very flavorful, and they put 3 sauces in front of you, and of course the only one I liked was the cream-based one.  For 12 bucks, my dinner was a lot of food, but I could’ve done something similar at home for loads less.  And I hate hibachi steakhouses.

When we left, we were PAINFULLY full.  Like, miserable.  We decided to stop by Walmart on our way home for a new electric toothbrush for me!!  I’ve had the same one for like 13 years (it hasn’t necessarily been in use every day of those 13 years, though), and it finally died the other day.  The one I got is insanely fast!  It didn’t leave my teeth fresh-from-the-dentist clean, but it was pretty close!

Wow, I’m exhausted after this looooong boooooring post.  Kudos to whoever has lasted this long!!  I promise I’ll be back soon with more up-to-date (cough interesting cough) stuff soon!