Death by teensy little hair shards

I can’t stop itching.  I got my hair cut today and keep feeling little hairs on my neck and they’re itching me like crazy.  “But Katherine,” you might say, “why don’t you just take a shower and stop whining about it?”  Well I’ll tell you why.  I’m lazy.

Here is a post-chop (sans makeup, I’m sorry) picture.

Notice the awesome kinks from having it up in a ponytail.  I already miss being able to put it in a ponytail.

Here’s one angle when I got in the car:

I just couldn’t smile without looking stupid, so I decided to embrace the stupid while emphasizing my semi-lopsided face.  smile_shades  My hair is really fine (but it’s thick…such a conundrum), so this shorter ‘do will hopefully make it more voluminous.  Here’s another shot later from the side…the dark side [mwa ha ha]:


Like I told my friend, it’s still a tad Dorothy Hamill-ish, probably due to products + blowout.  Tomorrow will be a better test of how it looks au naturale.

On to the fooooood!!

Breakfast was canari melon and an egg/cheese/onion/pepper sandwich.


And lunch was a disgusting box of pad thai.  I used to eat these things a lot at work, but I always got the peanut noodles…this was my first “pad thai” variety.  You put water, the noodles, and the sauce in the box it all comes in and microwave it then let it sit a minute, and you’re supposed to get nummy food out of it.  I squeezed the sauce packet on some of the noodles that were sticking out of the water (because OF COURSE they didn’t all get submerged) and the sauce burned and got all stinky.  I had to pour some peanut sauce on top to make it palatable…it was WAY too many calories to counterbalance the convenience, and the taste was horrible.  At least I know not to try it again!


I had dessert to make up for the crapfest in a bowl:


My same frozen yogurt/FF Cool Whip/SF caramel/Heath crumbles sundae.  I probably won’t get any more vanilla frozen yogurt because I just use it as a canvas for good-tasting yet bad-for-me crap.

In the early evening hours, I had a snack of carrot chips and celery sticks with hummus.  I’m trying to make an effort to eat more veggies, so here’s attempt #1:


Throughout the evening, I also had two glasses of Biltmore Limited Release Cabernet Sauvignon left over from my birthday trip in February.  Mom and I went to Asheville and the Biltmore Estate for my birthday weekend and got several bottles of wine and have opened probably an average of one a month.  I guess this means I need to go back and stock up again (even though stores around here sell several Biltmore varieties)!


Dinner this evening was the sushi inari I mentioned yesterday!  Although this type is only my 2nd favorite…they still didn’t have my favorite kind.  smile_cry


This is rice, sesame seeds, shrimp, scallions, and fiery sauce (really sweet when you’re eating it but makes your lips burn a few minutes after you’re done) in a little pouch of fried tofu.  Mom and I split a pack of 6 – she had something else for dinner so she only took 2 pieces.

Yeeeah, I had dessert.  And yeeeeah it was a repeat of earlier.  Someone needs to come take this stuff away from me.  It’s not doing me any favors.


I’m kinda anxious right now because my legs have started hurting today from my run yesterday.  I’ve been trying to stretch them, but they still ache a whole lot.  I’m wondering if I should rest tomorrow too…I know pushing through shin splint pain is the wrong thing to do, but am I just going to keep repeating this cycle of running one day and recovering for a week before I run again?  Grr.

I’ve stayed up too late again (it’s 1am now) because I got caught up in watching South Park and crafting.  I made some tea to quell the munchies…


…while I worked on my best friend’s gameday/wedding hair flower:


Her college’s colors are garnet and black (they’re my college’s rivals), so I made her this for tailgating, Halloween, wedding festivities, whatever.  Alls I’ve got to do is mount it on a headband and turn it over to her!

And on that note, I’m going to go PTFO.  Night!!