First biking adventure…plus pizza and beer

Mom and I finally took out our bikes at Saluda Shoals Park on Labor Day.  Whoo boy, it was a pretty rough start.  The park was pretty busy, and there were little 6-year-old girls on pink sparkly bikes everywhere.  Not the type of environment to be in if you’re 25 years old and essentially starting over on a bike.  I was too scared to take off at first, so I’d pedal a little, brake a little, then freak out and put my feet down.  It took an hour and about 4 miles to feel mostly comfortable with it, and I’m still a little shaky (especially when I’m going fast), but I had a lot of fun and really liked it!


I took this on a little lookout area off the trail.  The long trail we were on follows the Saluda River, and it’s paved and shady – really awesome for biking beginners!  It’s 4 days later, though, and my ass still hurts.  Not the muscles, mind you, but my sit bones from being perched on that tiny seat for an hour.  You’d think I had no padding back there, but that’s far from the case - I just have no muscle to protect me.  I’ve got a silicone gel seat cover somewhere from my old days of spinning classes, but I can’t find it…boo.  I also installed the coolest little tool on the bike last night – it calculates your distance, speed, atmospheric temperature, and estimates your calories burned.  I hope it’s accurate, especially because got it for under 8 bucks at Target on clearance!

When we were done biking, we were STARVING.  We stopped at Firehouse Subs, which I haven’t been to since I’ve stopped eating meat (regularly).  They do have a veggie sub, essentially the foundation for all their meat subs, so I opted for a large instead of medium since it was basically lettuce on bread.


This is the behemoth I was presented…it seems larger than a footlong, but I guess that’s what it was.  It was so good!!  Yeah, it was cheesy, and it probably had half my daily calorie needs, but it was awesome.

I’m not going to recap the past few days’ worth of food because that would bore everyone involved, so here’s the picture of my fishy I promised a couple of weeks ago:


My little buddy Bertrand  smile_teeth

Yesterday was Day 1 of mom’s biennial ACLS (advanced cardiac life support) class, and I wanted to do something fun since she was stuck in class all day.  I had errands to run yesterday and had coffee with one of my best friends from middle/high school who was visiting from NYC, so while I was out I went to Publix to finally try their pizza dough.  They sell bags of dough balls (hehe, that sounds funny) in the bakery and I’ve always wanted to give them a shot but never got around to it.  To my delight, they had wheat pizza dough!  I got two bags to make two different pizzas so it’d last us a couple of days.

This is the southwest pizza – BBQ sauce, swiss cheese, red onions, green peppers, and Morningstar “chicken” strips.


And here’s the Italian – lowfat pesto, Vidalia onions, plum tomatoes, baby portabella mushrooms, and feta cheese.


One of the stops I made during the day was to Total Wine to look for my favorite pumpkin beer – Jack’s Pumpkin Spice Ale!!  The only review of this I’ve been able to find was mediocre, but I don’t care…it tastes like fall and football to me, and it’s fun to try to find it during the fall.  Grocery stores around my college had it, but around here I’ve only been able to find it in wine/beer/liquor stores.  I had one while the pizzas were baking, and one with dinner.


Here they are in all their glory:


I cut each into 8 pieces and had 2 pieces of each.  They were AMAZING!!!

Dessert was a Betty Crocker Warm Delights Mini with some vanilla frozen yogurt on top, which I totally ravaged before I even gave a thought to my camera, as usual.  smile_angel