“The funk” sucks

I’m in a huuuuuuuge funk and I HATE IT.  Part of me wants to go do something fun and snap out of it, but another part of me wants to wallow in self-pity and embrace the funk.  I’ve eaten a few crappy things over the past couple of days, so today is my attempt to get back on track.  Wednesday night I had vegetarian enchiladas (testament that you shouldn’t undereat because you will overeat – I didn’t eat much during the day, so I devoured this GIANT portion at dinner) – half a boxed kit of enchiladas made with Morningstar crumbles, vegetarian refried beans, and sauteed onions and peppers…


Then I made caramel apple cookies – they all stuck to the pans and fell apart so I picked at a bunch of the pieces…


…I ate a few more cookies yesterday, of course…


…last night I had a small bowl of pumpkin ice cream (AMAZING), accompanied by a bottle of wine I split with my mom…


…along with my dinner, of course.  Then I got in a wine-induced text fight with my best friend.  Righteous.  I’ve eaten some healthyish things along the way, too, but there’s something in my brain that only lets me focus on the bad things I’ve done, not the good.

Eating aside, I’ve had family crap, friend stuff, and found out I didn’t get a job I interviewed for.  AAAAAAND “eating aside” doesn't really mean anything because my weight is always in the front of my mind.  I cannot put it out of my mind and focus on the good, because this HUGE THING (pun intended) affects EVERY ASPECT OF MY LIFE.

GAAAAAH I’m tired of feeling this way.  And my shin splints still hurt, so I can’t run.  And I’m sorry for being a downer. 

New Food Alert!

I tried kale last night!  Mom’s boss was part of a produce co-op and received some kale she didn’t want.  She passed it off to Mom, and I went on allrecipes.com to find out what to do with it.  I know some girls put it in their green monsters, but I was definitely not ready for that.  I sautéed some onions and garlic in EVOO, added breadcrumbs, then let the kale wilt in the pan.  I further disguised it with parmesan cheese.  It was actually pretty good!  Especially alongside “light” cheese ravioli:


Ok, I’m cutting myself off because this depressing blog entry is making my computer screen weep.  Blaaaaarrrrgh


  1. Sorry about your funk!
    I really want to get a hold of some kale because I saw a video on how to make baked kale CHIPS... and they actually get crispy and such. YUM-O

  2. I'm so sorry that you are in a "funk." Those suck the worst. But the good news is your food looks totally yummy and so does your new 'do! Not to quote McDonalds or anything, but "I'm lovin' it!"

    Wow, I'm lame...

    Miss you!


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