Gots me a helmet

Today was one of those days when I woke up late and didn’t want to eat breakfast yet, so I just kinda hung out for lunch…which was leftover veggie egg rolls:


And a sliver of that damned cookie cake.


Mom and I had errands to run, so we went to Starbucks and got a pumpkin spice Frappuccino, because, let’s face it…I just hadn’t had enough calories yet.  smile_thinking


We did most of our errand-running at one place, the new WalMart.  It’s great that it’s here because it’s close and it has everything, but it also sucks because it’s The Man.  And it also ALSO sucks because EVERYONE I KNOW WAS THERE TODAY.  I don’t like seeing people I know (for the most part) without having some warning, so running into people awkwardly whom I haven’t seen in years or who I should at least acknowledge but don’t really have much to say to…situations like that are not my favorite.  I did see a good friend whom I haven’t seen since high school…we were big drama geeks together and had the same circle of friends, so it was awesome to see him again.

Mom and I did buy some bike helmets there:


She made me promise to crop her out before I posted the picture on teh interwebs.  I ended up getting that periwinkle blue one in her hand.  I might have to cover it in Lisa Frank stickers to make it more visually exciting (wow, I typed that all out without thinking about it and initially typed “Anne Frank.”  How morbid/funny.)

The afternoon has been filled with beer.  I’ve had a few over the evening, and there was really no reason for it.  When we came home, I was famished and made a bowl of edamame, which I washed down with half a Leinenkugel Oktoberfest.

DSC07906   DSC07907

This was a really good beer!  It was a little heavy, so I had half then waited awhile before having any more.  I had another beer while laying out on the hammock and reading…


…and a third while eating dinner…a terrible dinner.


Onion rings plus vegetarian baked beans.  Kill me now.  Oh wait – the onion rings are already on that.  Then I had another beer while watching a movie.  I don’t do this often, drinking beer after beer, but every now and then I just let loose.  Then feel gross afterward.  Yuck.

On top of all that…dessert.


It’s really sad how I whine and complain about my weight, when I’m able to look back at each day’s eats through this blog and see how I really do eat (and drink) like crap.  It really hit me earlier today when I was covering yesterday’s eats how I felt I had to backpedal and justify some of the things I ate.  It’s definitely a sign when you feel that way about EVERYTHING you eat; case in point: TODAY.  It’s taken me a good couple of weeks, but I’m finally starting to realize “if I will have to make excuses and justify what I’m eating right now, I probably shouldn’t have it.”  Stay tuned for some fixer-upper-ing of my eating habits.  And I haven’t forgotten about the 5-a-Day Challenge, I’ve just been lazy? I don’t even know what to call what I’ve been since I declared that challenge.  Stupid is probably the one that best fits, so I’ll go with that.  I’ve been stupid and haven’t taken it seriously.  The whole point of a challenge is that it’s something semi-difficult but attainable.  I’m going to be changing habits, but I have to at least try instead of rolling over and going the path of least resistance.  Le sigh.

I looked back at my earlier post and realized I left out the pictures of my craftiness from yesterday.  I was going to go back and fill in the blanks but was so eager to hit the publish button that I didn’t proofread.  FAIL.

Here’s a weddingy hair flower (I did snip away some more of the tulle after this picture was taken):

White flower

A Clemson necklace with giant purple rhinestone (hard to see on my crappy Blackberry camera):

CU necklace

And one of my favorite things I’ve made:


NOW I’m all caught up smile_teeth


  1. Remember not to beat yourself up. I would honestly suggest making a link in your blog where you can just write out your food intake and how you were feeling. The biggeset thing that has helped me is unwinding the feelings that sparked me to eat the things which I knew wouldn't get me to where I wanted to be. It's not easy, but in the end you'll get there.

    Sending support.



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