Lazy weekend

I’ll start with Thursday since that’s when I left off….

On Thursday while I was running errands, I got lunch out…any guesses where? 


Panera, of course!!

French onion soup, mozzarella tomato panini, whole grain baguette, and green tea. On a Saucony box on my bed.  Sigh.

I spent the afternoon cleaning the kitchen and beginning to make Bakerella’s cake pops for a friend of my mom.  Step 1 of making these cake pops is baking a cake, so of course I had a smidge with icing to make sure it was alright.  smile_wink


And later that night, Mom and I split my leftovers from the hibachi place the night before.   Dad ate Mom’s leftovers when he got off the nightshift early Thursday morning, but my leftovers were MORE than plenty for both of us to share for dinner.


Yeah, that’s half of my LEFTOVERS.  Too. Much. Food.

And I had a pumpkin pie ice cream cone for dessert:


The next morning I had that weird “I’m-hungry-but-I’m-not-and-nothing-sounds-good” thing going on that I’m plagued with so often.  I ended up with an Arnold’s thin/banana/honey/white chocolate peanut butter sandwich with chai + skim:


Then I spent an hour or two finishing the cake pops:



Here’s my sample made with leftover sprinkles…mucho amazing!


Lunch was some leftover homemade pizza I found in the back of the fridge.  Very unglamorous, I know, but it looked and smelled ok, and I didn’t get sick, so I guess it was ok to eat…


Here’s my basket of finished cake pops, all bagged and ready to go!


Mom and I ran errands last night and got dinner while we were out…I had my Moe’s regular: vegetarian Art Vandelay


Dang, dude…after looking over the past couple days through this post, I realize I haven’t had many vegetables at all…what few I’ve had were snuck in under carby fatty things.  Grooooossssss.

I FINALLY fixed my wireless last night…it’s been plaguing me for like a month…it would say it was connected to the internet, but the internet wouldn’t work.  Other wireless devices could function on the network, just not my laptop.  It was frustrating, and I’ve been tethered to the desk through my ethernet cord for the past few weeks.  But last night I finally took the time to sit down and investigate the problem, and I FIXED IT!!

I finally got to move the computer out to the great room where I hooked up the computer to the big screen TV so Mom and I could watch something on Netflix…I’ve got some audio cable kinks to work out, but it was cool to watch stuff from my computer on the TV!

While we watched the show, I made us a treat – I bought a couple of little individual hot chocolate packets at Michaels on Thursday…


I was expecting chocolate hot chocolate with orange flavoring, but instead it was…


…actually orange!  I think it was white chocolate-flavored…there wasn’t much orange to it.  It was cute though!  Mom’s such a stinker – she’s going to Asheville for the weekend for her friend’s birthday and leaving me at home.  As she was packing last night, she called for me to come into her room…I thought something was wrong until I saw this sight:


Lucky.  In a drawer.  He’s never done this before, so it was pretty funny for us (I know other cats do that stuff all the time, though).

I went back to reading blogs (my Google Reader had been up to 1000+, so I had some major skimming to do), and I finally crashed at like 3:30am which sucks because I had to get up early to run errands for Mom and Dad.  Luckily this morning after I ran said errands, I got a raspberry white chocolate scone and a nonfat pumpkin latte at a local coffee shop (the coffee was horrible though…I came home and tried to doctor it up without much success).


Today I’m trying to make slow-cooker apple butter to surprise my mom…it smells pretty good, so I’m hoping it’ll work out like it’s supposed to.  Here’s the before picture, after coring and peeling and chopping for a long-ass time.  Stay tuned for the final product!