New product trial: meatless Italian sausage

Saturday was spent with running many many errands, including dropping my bike at the shop, picking up my digital scale and sewing machine from my storage unit, buying stuff we didn’t need but really want from Target, getting cute stuff from Old Navy…

stripe  , navy  , green,  (x2) and pants

and getting lunch (again) at Panera.  True to habit, I snarfed down my half Mediterranean Veggie sandwich before stopping to take a picture of my lunch:


Dinner was really good…we tried a new product we hadn’t had before: LightLife Smart Sausages, Italian-style.  I sautéed some onions and peppers and cooked the sausages in the pan.  We put down a little shredded Swiss cheese and deli mustard on the bun before we put the sausage on top and covered it with the onions and peppers.  The consistency was really good, and the spices were just right…it wasn’t too spicy but definitely had a kick.  The onions and peppers definitely helped make a package deal.  I’m looking forward to eating the other ones in the pack later in the week!


On the side I had some butternut squash fries and sautéed zucchini and squash with balsamic vinegar.  A very veggie meal, indeed!

Dessert was my last cupcake while I watched The Office season 5 on DVD  smile_teeth


Brookser helped.  (I didn’t let him eat any of my piece – I tore off some for him)  Does anyone else eat the bottom off the cupcake before starting on the top?  I’m a save-the-best-for-last kind of girl, a habit that has come back to bite me in the butt.  If you save the best for last, that means you have to eat it all, even if you’re not hungry by the time “the last” comes around.

I also had a couple Hershey’s Kisses we bought at Target; the Candy Corn flavor (which strangely tastes like an ice cream bar I used to get as a kid, one that I sadly can’t find on the internet…the search is on) is so freakishly cute:


and the pumpkin spice flavor is so freakishly good:


The middle part is softer…oh lordy is it amazing.

The rest of the night was spent soaking my feet – I’m worried I’ve got the beginnings of an ingrown toenail and I’ve never had one before, so I’m trying to run a tool up under my nail on a daily basis, and that seems to be irritating it more.  But I don’t want to just leave it alone because then it really will get worse.  I’ve never wanted my nails to grow so fast in my entire life!!