One of the best things I’ve ever eaten

I tried an amazing recipe for dinner tonight…I tweaked it due to ingredient availability and even left something out by mistake, but it was SO GOOD.  More on that in a few.  smile_regular

Breakfast was an egg and cheese sandwich with onion and green pepper, and my Canari melon on the side – it’s very much like honeydew in texture with a slightly different taste.  Very good!  When I make egg sandwiches, I like to take a carton of egg whites and a carton of regular eggs and mix them together in about a 2:1 white to regular ratio.  All whites kinda creep me out for some reason.


All this was washed down with some Trop 50 orange juice.  (See that purplish blob in the background? That’s the market bag I knitted a few weeks ago for a knitting class.  I doubt I’ll ever use it, but it was satisfying to have such a nice finished product!)

I spent the morning catching up on blogs and cleaning in my room a bit.  I definitely subscribe to too many blogs, but every time I sit down to trim the fat, I can only bring myself to unsubscribe to a couple.  I have a hard time letting go, but it’s funny – I don’t miss the ones I’ve already unsubscribed to, in an “out of sight, out of mind” sort of way.

For lunch I had my leftover pizza…and a side of stomachache.  I was really hungry so I ate the same amount I had for dinner last night – 4 pieces (they weren’t huge, but they definitely weren’t small), and about an hour after I was done, I was miserable.  Partnered with the headache I had been fighting off all day, the stomachache did me in…I took a nap for about 1½ hours (and I hardly ever nap anymore, mostly out of guilt).  It didn’t help that today was a perfectly gloomy, rainy day…it was perfect napping weather!


The pizza definitely wasn’t as good the 2nd time around, but of course, I ate all of it.  And then had frozen yogurt for dessert.


Here’s my little vulture, circling, just waiting for me to drop something…


The day went by uneventfully until Mom got home and we trekked to the store for groceries and various other things (The Office Season 5 on DVD!!!  Gel bike seat!!!).  We wanted to do something fun and special for dinner tonight because we’d be watching my Clemson Tigers take on Georgia Tech (we barely lost…it was one helluva game!), so I tried a new recipe from the newest Everyday with Rachael Ray magazine.  Holy crap was it ever amazing!!!

In each issue there’s a recipe that doesn’t have any measurements, but it has pictures showing each step.  This recipe was one of those, and I like cooking that way sometimes – a little o’this, a little o’that.  For this spin on French onion soup, first you make little bowls out of biscuit dough draped over the back of a cupcake pan:


I used wheat biscuits – SCORE!

Sautee onions in EVOO with salt and pepper:


Then make a bechamel sauce and add gruyere (of course our little podunk Walmart has no gruyere…I should’ve gone to Publix but convenience won out…I got mozzarella instead which I think was a mistake).  Put onions in the cup and top with the creamy cheese sauce (might try mixing them together first next time) and cover with more cheese (I put parmesan on top) and fresh thyme (I had dried thyme and was going to mix it in, but I JUST realized I forgot it – oops!).  Then you bake it for ~5 minutes at 400°.


Also on the side, I made some butternut squash “fries” and made a dipping sauce with fat-free sour cream and sugar-free pancake syrup (I think that recipe was from Martha Stewart Living).  Here’s my plate, along with some bagged frozen green beans:


And since we were watching football, we split another Allagash White:


I’m ashamed to admit I went back for a second onion cup.  smile_embaressed

After a couple of hours of jumping and yelling at the screen, we had dessert – one of the cupcakes we had picked up while we were out:


I had the #1 to try to boost us along, but it just wasn’t in the cards:


With 2oz of skim milk beautifully measured in my Riverbanks Zoo Brew at the Zoo glass!

Tomorrow I’ll be eating lunch out; mom is finishing her ACLS class tomorrow, and I’m going to meet her for her lunch break.  The plan is to pick up Panera on the way and for us to eat in the park.  I’m going to take my bike with me (now that I’ve got that bitchin’ new gel seat!) and go to Saluda Shoals on the way back.  I’m nervous to ride alone, but I haven’t done any cardio in so long!  I’m itching to run again, but just a couple of days ago I jogged for just a few seconds down the road with my dog, and my shins started hurting again.  I’m so bummed about this. smile_cry