Recap of the past few days

Whew, it’s been awhile, right?  I’ve got excuses but they’re all pretty lame.  It’s harder to post on the weekends because I’m usually doing (or trying to do) fun stuff away from the computer.  The past couple days I’ve been preparing for a scary interview and getting my car worked on.  Yesterday was the scary interview, and now I’m trying to return to normalcy.  Just in time for another weekend.  smile_regular

Tuesday was spent at the tire place.  I needed new ones and called Monday to make sure they had mine in stock, so Tuesday morning I show up and the dude says “we don’t have those, but can get them in an hour.”  I was lied to, so I was there for an extra hour waiting.  Two more hours go by, which was to be expected, and of course they found a few things to be addressed.  I consented for them to fix the couple of other things and ended up staying there from 9:45am to almost 3pm.  I was annoyed, but it was kind of nice to be stuck and not be able to do anything but read and drink my venti Pumpkin Spice latte!!  (I also got a slice of banana loaf for breakfast but forgot to take pictures of both)

I had a good chunk of Breaking Dawn to read which I hadn’t bargained on finishing, but I definitely got through it all then played on Twitter, almost fell asleep, then finally got to leave (only after I got in my car and realized the maintenance light was still on, an oversight that took them like 20 minutes to fix).  Based on memory, I thought Moe’s was right next door to the tire place and had plans to walk there for lunch if I got hungry while I was there.  In reality, it was way down the street; I should’ve sucked it up and walked, but I’m a wuss, so I sat there and starved.  When I finally left, I drove to Moe’s and was thisclose to getting a beer to go with my burrito, but I was shaky and weak already from hunger, so I thought a beer might have adverse effects.


So I had a junior (so glad they’ve started offering a smaller size!!) Art Vandalay (vegetarian) with chips and salsa…I love this new black bean pineapple salsa they’ve started serving…it’s such an interesting flavor combo!  I had already eaten practically the whole cup by the time I took this picture.

Dinner was leftover pad thai from the night before (I’m not going that far back in my recap…Mom and I went to Bonefish Monday night) with some pasta and shrimp Mom had made for dad and herself, along with steamed broccoli.  Lots of carbs in this meal.  smile_embaressed


I also had a couple of glasses of Chardonnay while I was working on my portfolio to take to my job interview. The next day, I had to leave the house by noon, so I had a leisurely morning.  Breakfast was a filling waffle/almond butter/banana combo along with chai + skim.


I also made some coffee with the new pumpkin-flavored coffee and the Pumpkin Spice sugar-free coffee syrup we got over the weekend at World Market.  I don’t know what it is about drip coffee, but it really mucks up my stomach for the rest of the day.  So in hindsight, it was a terrible choice for an already churning stomach on an interview day.

When I got to campus, I went to one of my favorite sandwich places, Pot Belly Deli, and got a black bean hummus wrap with veggies.  It wasn’t the greatest wrap in the world, and combined with my nerves I ate maybe half.  I did get some flippin’ awesome chips though, and I actually took a picture of those today.  I was far too nervous to remember to take photos of lunch.  I did go to the Botanical Gardens and sat on a swing to eat my lunch…it calmed me a tad!

The interview happened, and I’m trying not to think too much about it.  I thought it went well, but they got 200 applicants for the job, and I can never know what the interviewers are thinking.  So we’ll leave it at that. 

When I was done, I went to the student center and changed into a tshirt, yoga pants, and running shoes.  I checked out the student bookstore, but apart from a $25 planner I didn’t need, I didn’t see anything worthwhile.  After the bookstore, I went back to the Botanical Gardens and “hiked” through a few paths.  Sadly I only took one picture…don’t know what was wrong with me!


This is a cute little waterfall that feeds into a pond filled with turtles and giant koi.  The Botanical Gardens are wonderful – I used to go there a lot after school or work to hike along the trails…it’s really a beautiful place, and it’s so cool that it’s on Clemson’s campus.

I went out for dinner and beer with my friend Megan and was too overcome with leftover nerves and need for beer to take pictures.  I got mozzarella sticks (served with cocktail sauce…why not marinara??) and hummus with chips and pita points for dipping…the hummus was really garlicky and awesome!  I had a Hoegaarden and a Franziskaner somethingorother.  After two hours of catching up and chowing down (har), I went to our very own Clemson Bi-Lo (with orange everything carts, decor, and a giant paw on the sign) to see if they had anything I couldn’t live without.  I ended up with another couple of orange reusable grocery bags and a surprise for Saturday’s game.  It’s our first football game of the season, and Mom and I always have a fun at-home tailgate…I can’t wait!!

I left Clemson around 8pm so I had to get some coffee for the way home…HAD TO.  My favorite coffee place near campus was in the process of moving (bittersweet – they had such a cute location before!  Too small, but cute), so I couldn’t get their coffee like I had planned.  I stopped by Starbucks and got – what else? – a pumpkin spice latte, accompanied by a pumpkin cream cheese muffin.  Don’t judge…I was finally beginning to unwind from my day.  Two hours later, I was home and preparing to pass out…I definitely made up for Tuesday’s night of lost sleep last night!  Thanks for sitting through all this rambling…I felt like I had to at least attempt to make up for lost time.smile_confused