Sad pseudo-tailgate

Yesterday was a blip on the radar…not much of anything happened.  With Mom gone to my aunt’s, I didn’t have a partner in crime to do anything.  I did make a ton of jewelry and a couple of hair flowers, so the day wasn’t a total waste.  Breakfast was an egg and cheese sandwich with a crap-ton of fruit.  On Friday when I made my egg sandwich, I poured the eggs based on the pan size, so I vastly underestimated a serving size.  I measured yesterday and was pleasantly surprised to see what one egg’s worth was.  The pan is just so darned tiny – I had a hard time stirring and flipping my eggs!  I might have to use it for small amounts of onions and peppers only.


I cut open a new melon I haven’t yet tried…it’s a Canari melon, one I had never heard of.



The inside looked like any other cantaloupe or honeydew…I imagine it tastes similar, too.  I haven’t tried any yet…I was waiting for Mom to taste-test with me.  smile_tongue

Mid-morning I decided to make a batch of pumpkin scones for us, since Mom took the others to my aunt.



I had a piece with a too-ginormous glass of skim + chai.  I need to cut back on how much of this I drink…

Anywho, the day was spent watching movies on TV and making crafty stuff.  Here are a few things I made:


Lunch was a Morningstar Chik patty sandwich with pepperjack cheese, pickles, and light ranch…this is obviously a go-to comfort food.


My two snacks later in the afternoon were a Skinny Cow cookies ‘n’ cream sandwich and a tortilla with chocolate peanut butter, honey, and banana:



I’m still relying heavily on chocolate and carbs, as evidenced by my not-so-awesome choices.  At least I made the effort to eat fruit (though it was smothered in chocolate peanut butter)!

Fast forward through the day – when Mom was on her way home, I started making dinner.  Since it was the first day of Clemson’s football season, we had planned to do an indoor tailgate.  These plans were made before it was decided one or both of us would go stay with my Aunt, so the end result was lacking a bit.  For dinner I used my friend Emily’s baked eggroll recipe that were featured on Craft Magazine’s blog!  They’ve got a bag of slaw, mushrooms, garlic, and ginger powder inside.  These were KILLER and I’ll definitely be making them again.


I made a dipping sauce with sugar-free apricot jam and low-sodium soy sauce.


We shared a bottle of Allagash White, an amazing beer I’ve had a few times at restaurants and bars but never bought myself.  The bottle was so pretty!


We were classy and drank our beer out of giant flamingo-painted goblets.


Dessert was that surprise I mentioned earlier in the week – a cookie cake I got at the Clemson Bi-Lo.


This was a ginormous mistake.  We cut into this last night (Saturday) and it’s already over half gone.  I guess you could call it a “special occasion,” but when you make excuses for special occasions and have them pretty often, it’s not good from any point of view. 

This review of Saturday has taken me all of Sunday to write, so I’m completely thrown off.  I gotta get better at scheduling daily posts!!


  1. I'm so glad you liked the eggrolls! Looks like yours turned out really well. mmm.

  2. PS I'm FlyNavyWife on twitter... I deleted the other account. Too spammy.


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