Saturday, October 31, 2009


I’ve had a few glasses of wine as I sit down to write this (and my O key doesn’t work well), so I’m totally Blogging Under the Influence and hope it doesn’t come out too crazy-sounding and messed up.  You’ve been warned.

This morning, Mom and I tried our new waffle maker for the first time!!


We made a practice waffle first in case there was any icky stuff on the iron surface…


…and then I made PUMPKIN FiberOne waffles!!


On one half I put my pumpkin maple sauce, and on the other side, spray butter and SF syrup.


Icky flash.  What-evs.

Flash forward to the afternoon…I’m working on birthday party stuff and listening to our football game on the radio (not televised, booo) when I remember I have this:





It was a definite impulse buy at World Market a couple weeks ago, but it was worth it!!  It was really good when it was cold but got a little bitter as it sat in my glass for awhile.  Though of course I don’t have a very effective beer glass…



It was a nifty reddish color – very Halloweeny!

For lunch, Mom and I had soup and a sandwich – bored yet?.  I made a bagel panini with spreadable brie, roasted red peppers, sundried tomatoes, and lettuce and mom made good ol’ Campbell’s tomato soup (topped with some parmesan).



The sandwich was kinda “meh.”  I wish I had had some pesto for it, but I ran out a few days ago.  Boo.  In the afternoon I made some baked apples for the first time in a loooong time.  In each one, I put some nutmeg and cinnamon, brown sugar Splenda, honey and SF maple syrup, “butter” spread, and some cranberry walnut cereal (sounds weird, I know, but I got the idea on a random website and it turned out pretty good – the cereal turned to goo).


I ran some errands, worked on some pictures, and ate a salad


It looks like a lot of dressing, but it was less than 2Tbls for sure.  It had lettuce, carrots, broccoli, black olives, French Onion salad topper thingies, and my yogurt-based ranch dressing.  This had to tide me over while Mom made Dad’s dinner (why can’t he make his own dinner, you ask?  I ask myself this all the time…), and I occupied my time by drinking this


…and taking these (with diffuser reeds in the way)…



…see what else is in the way?


A little blurry, but it’s a yin and yang set of wine bottles!  A white “Treat” and red “Trick!”  They’re “table wines,” so you know they’re pretty crappy, but I’m a fan of kitsch, and these definitely fit the bill.  Yay for World Market!!


I passed some more time drinking “Treat” and Googling (I finally changed my theme to an autumnal one!) before FINALLY making these:



Ghoulish calzones!!!  I made the vents in the dough into skull shapes, but they kinda baked together funny.  Oh well, you get the idea, and the difference helped me tell mine apart from Mom’s.  Of course I didn’t get a picture of them cut open…grrr.  In each are green peppers, onions, button mushrooms, and mozzarella cheese…mine’s got a shit-ton of black olives, too.     I really missed my AMAZING knife from my small supply of kitchenware that’s all boxed up about 6 miles away, so I bought one for Mom today at Walmart…it was cheap price-wise, but sooo much better than the knives she had.  It slices and dices like a dreeeeam!!

I’m watching Ghost Hunters (I’m a big fan, but I don’t even know if I believe in ghosts…I LOVE when science and the paranormal/supernatural combine, though…I’m a big “I need proof” person, so this is right up my alley) and sipping the remainder of my half of “Treat.”  Mom and I bought some of those new Jell-O Mousse Temptations today (60 calories apiece!) that I fully intend on trying in a few minutes, so I’ll definitely let y’all know what I think about them.

Is it sad that I’m sitting at home alone on Halloween?  Maybe a tad.  I was invited to a party/event by my BFF but decided not to go.  It was in a big field, and her fiancĂ©e's band was playing, and I knew there’d be lots of drinking and possibly smoking…you know…and I’m just not into that sort of thing.  I’d prefer to have a dinner party - people coming over to watch movies and play games, something like that - than getting shitfaced in a field with loud music.  I don’t want to have to worry about cops coming to break something up or about having to get home or about having to PEE somewhere comfortable.  Some people take personal offense that I’m not into that scene, but it really makes me wigged out, so I avoid it.  Sorry. 

What’s your ideal party?  How do you like to spend time with others?  What did you do this Halloween??

PS – Did y’all see the cast of “Glee” sing the National Anthem at the World Series tonight?  Amber Riley freaking ROCKED THAT BITCH!!!  It was kinda hard to hear the harmony except for in a couple places, but that’s ok – she did a great enough job for everyone!  I can’t wait till it comes back in a couple of weeks!!

PPS – Lofton, of course I’ll make you some apple butter for Christmas! 

Friday, October 30, 2009

Retiring from C25K…for now

It’s been a crazy week.  I’m getting ready for my grandmother’s 80th birthday next week and have been working on crafts and planning and such.  I’ve been at her house for the past few days, scanning a bajillion pictures for a secret project I reeeeally hope is successful.

I’ll try to show some neato pictures I’ve taken since I’ve been away from Blog-o-Land.

These are some vegan hot dogs I made on Saturday night.  They weren’t awesome.  I ate maybe one whole dog, then quit because it just wasn’t worth it.  I was so proud of myself, leaving what I didn’t want instead of just choking it down because it was there.  Anyone know of a good-tasting vegetarian/vegan hot dog??


Sunday I made another flippin’ swell sandwich with some soup.


Then saw Mommy off.  She went to Montreat, NC on a church retreat for a couple of days.  Isn’t she cute??  Maddypants is pretty adorable, too.


I carved a pumpkin for her contest at work – I lost.  Boooo.




I tried running W2D1 of C25K and it totally didn’t work.  I’m really worried I’ve got stress fractures now, because it hurts even more than it did the first time – really didn’t think that was possible.  I was about halfway done with my run when I realized I couldn’t go anymore.  I faltered a couple times and thought I was going to collapse, the pain was so intense.  I walked 3/4 of a mile home, sobbing, hoping a neighbor would drive by so I could hitch a ride.  Pathetic, yes?  I got home and put on some comfy socks and iced that bitch.


Wow that perspective does nothing for my disproportionately small calves.  I swear they’re slender-ish.  Obviously some Cherry Coke Zero was chugged out of depression.

It hurts to walk around…it hurts to sit…there’s a dull numb ache running medially through my lower legs at all times…I’m really scared I’ve mucked it up big-time this time.  I just keep popping Ibuprofen and crossing my fingers that my legs don’t snap under my weight.  I guess I just can’t run.  I might try again in 50 pounds or so, but I can take the hint, that my body just isn’t meant to run right now.  I’ve shed many a tear over this the past few days…I really wanted to be a runner.  I’m not giving up completely…like I said, I’ll try again.  I just think I’m too heavy to run.  I don’t know what else it could be.

For dinner that night I had falafel balls with yogurt and Greek pasta from Earth Fare with a pack of frozen veggies…the “Immunity Blend,” for good measure. 


Maddy likes falafel balls.


Ooh here’s a new find from Publix – it tastes just like chai…not too “pumpkiny,” though,  just spicy.


There were a couple trips to Panera over the past week…


And some new beers have been imbibed…


Pizza was made…(my half is smothered in black olives – yesssss)


And some crazy-improvised meals were eaten at my grandmother’s house.  I’ll spare you those photos.  I’m itching for some REAL vegetables.  I had asparagus and a baked potato for dinner with a chunk of pumpernickel.  I still want more veggies.


My eyes and brain hurt from staring at the computer so long – I scanned pictures of my grandmother for her birthday project, pictures of my late grandfather just for us to have, and pictures of my mom for me to have.

Wasn’t my grandfather a hot piece?


And my grandmother was a fox.

Picture 008

And here’s my beautiful mother doing a Paris Hilton impression with her dog, Tina.  She probably made that dress – she was a master seamstress in high school and used to make me oodles of clothes when I was little.

Picture 089

Aaaaand me.  Before the chub set in.  Oh, Baby Katherine…I have so many things I want to tell you…

Picture 096 

Tomorrow we will return with our regularly scheduled blogging.  Starting with PUMPKIN FREAKING WAFFLES in the morning!!!  Breaking in the new waffle iron.  Eff. Yessss. 

Saturday, October 24, 2009

All squashed out

I am acorn squash’s bitch.  I tried it the first time Thursday night and ended up having it again Friday night.  I found this awesome recipe for stuffed delicata squash (never heard of such, but I think I’ve seen them before), but I looked in two different places and never saw anything other than butternut or acorn.  So acorn it was. 

I’m getting ahead of myself.

Earlier in the day, I roasted the acorn squash seeds from Thursday.  I put some salt and pepper and sage on them…they turned out pretty good!



I had some hot apple cider juice while I worked on them.



So back to what I was saying, I made the stuffed squash.  I sauteed onion and garlic in EVOO, added shredded kale then white beans, all while the squash halves were roasting in the oven, then stuffed the squash cavities with the mixture, topped with breadcrumbs and parmesan cheese, and baked some more.




While I was cooking, Mom and I split this amazingness:


Then had this with dinner…


Alongside the squash, I made my “famous” Quorn-in-a-packet with onion and apple butter and gorgonzola on top.  Here’s my plate:


I wasn’t such a huge fan of the squash.  I couldn’t tell if it was just too “squashy” or if the kale was just too bitter for me.  I ate most of it, though, while we watched our missed episode of Glee.  I found a way to rig up my dad’s laptop to the TV!

And here’s my dessert:


This morning, Mom and I got up to finish our C25K week 1 run.  Before we left, we split a bagel and put natural peanut butter (ground at our Earth Fare store!) along with apple butter on top.


On the left is my initial batch of apple butter, on the right is my 2nd (longer-cooked) batch.  I think I like it a little less done.  I’ll probably make some more for Christmas gifts!

We went to our little satellite library and got a couple of books then went to the grocery store, and while we were doing all this it was raining off and on.  We were going to go to the park and run on the trail, but every time we talked about going there, it would rain harder.  No lie.  So of course, we turned the car around to head to the Y to run on the track and the rain stopped.  When we got done at the Y, the sun was shining and birds were chirping and all that crap.  Never fails.

When we got home, I made THE BEST THING EVER.  A roasted apple, pecan, and brie panini on cinnamon raisin bread




(cue Homer Simpson gurgling noise)

I found this cute little pack of individual-sized brie at Wal-Mart.  Who knew they carried such fancy schmancy stuff?


Wee Brie!!!  Hehehe

I had this beerski while I ate my sandwich and watched the first part of our game…


…and am working on this one now…


Both from Magic Hat.  The bottom of the cap said “You’re a Winner!” and gave me a web address to go to..I won a bottle opener!  Wahoo!!!  I never win anything!

Speaking of winning stuff – I’m going to go back to watching the Clemson game – they’re beating Miami at the half!  Hope I didn’t just jinx them….