A breast cancer walk all our own


Today was supposed to be the 3-mile Breast Cancer Walk in downtown Columbia.  Mom and I got up a little after 7, and I attempted oats-in-a-jar for both of us with the remainder of the almond butter, though I was half asleep, very hungry, and left my camera upstairs.  smile_embaressed

So we left in our matching t-shirts, and got to where we needed to be like 30 minutes ahead of time.  They were advertising several lots/garages where we could park, but they were ALL FULL.  One of the parking garages still had spaces (you could see from a block away that there were lots of vacant spaces inside), but the ticket machine/mechanical arm thingy were broken and weren’t letting anyone inside.  GRRR!!!  Mom and I were really annoyed by that time…we could’ve parked several blocks away but would’ve started late (not that we were timing ourselves), but we were so over it and annoyed and would’ve torn each other’s heads off if we had to jog to the start before having to face hundreds of people, so we decided to take our walk elsewhere.  The event had our money/support, we gave a “valiant” attempt (in hindsight, we should’ve just gone ahead and parked far away without whining), so we were ok with going somewhere else.

We went to West Columbia Riverwalk – a trail I had been to with my BFF Catherine several times but that Mom had never been to – where we walked about 1hr and 15 minutes.  smile_teeth  Here are several images from today’s unofficial breast cancer walk (I tried a Windows Live Gallery, but without taking a million hours to resize all the images, it would take a million hours to upload the files as-is, so I gave up on that!)









I took lots more, but these are some of the best!

After our walk, I was really stiff and my feet were sore…I’ve got narrow heels and they slip in my shoes, so I’ve got little blisters on the insides of my heels.  I need to do some research on how to fix that!  When we got back to the car, I had a coconut water:


This was the weirdest-tasting thing EVER.  It tasted like barbeque sauce.  The actual taste AND the aftertaste.  I had Mom try it, and she said the exact same thing.  Why on earth would coconut and acai taste like barbeque sauce?!?!?  I’ll stick to the other flavors from now on, thankyouverymuch.

We went to Atlanta Bread Company where we got a bagel and coffee (mine was iced!)


When I got home I had to get to work on a cake pops order for one of Mom’s friends.  I made a double batch…after walking 3.5ish miles, it sucked to be on my feet for a few hours working on these.


I made yellow and green for the bridal shower, and the last two I made with orange and purple for Mom and me (because at the time, we weren’t sucking at our football game, though we ended up losing…boo).  While I worked on these, I had a Bud Light Golden Wheat.  Lunch was a thin crust pizza and a random hefe weissen beer from a sampler pack.  Pretty good stuff!


I feel I must explain, I only used like half of that ranch.

Here’s the crazy large amount of cake pops in their basket:



Almost 100 of these bad boys.  At least I gots paid, yo!

Between the time I finished the cake pops and the time I delivered them, Mom and I shared a bag of 94% fat-free popcorn:


With Coke Zero, of course!

And dinner – not great – was Mexican.  I got a “vegetarian” dish, but the refried beans were probably made with lard.  I was craving this too badly to care, though:


Lawd, I apologize for eating this death-on-a-plate Mexican food.  Kind of.  Tomorrow I shall repent, not at church, but on my bike.  smile_angel


  1. That riverwalk is gorgeous! I think it's admirable that you and your mom still went out and walked to show your support even though you couldn't make it to the actual "official walk".

    And man, those cake pops are hard work! I made some for a bridal shower I hosted and did everything for once..ugh that was a LOT of work lol!

  2. Thank you, Lindsey! It felt great walking there at the time, though when I was reflecting back on our morning, I couldn't help thinking we wussed out. Next year I'm showing up EARLY for the walk!

    And YES they're hard work!! But GAAAAH they're so good!! When you made yours, was your candy coating/chocolate silky and pourable? I keep trying to make it thinner by cutting it with shortening, but it's never the consistency I want. I can't make them neatly without the pop sticks to hold onto...I think it'd be easier to make just the truffles if the coating was pourable.

    Ramble, ramble, ramble :D


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