Chocolate salty balls

Anyone out there a South Park fan?  I have the sense of humor (and attention span) of a 13-year-old boy.  Don’t mind me.  You’ll see what I’m referring to in a minute.

So I already showed off Monday’s amazing breakfast…but I can’t show off Monday’s amazing lunch, because…I forgot to take a picture.  I could excuse that when I was still a total novice, but I’m kinda in the habit now. 

Lunch was one of these:


with some of this in which to dip:


And I had a pumpkin white chocolate cookie with chai + skim for dessert:


While I was working on stuff, Catherine texted me and asked if I’d like to go to dinner.  Eff yes, I’d like to go to dinner!  We never properly celebrated her birthday and she had made but one request of me, so I still needed to fulfill that request.

Chocolate cake balls with chocolate sprinkles.


These things are DECADENT.  Really rich.  Really good. 

On some of them, I put big sugar sprinkles, and on others I put kosher salt (all the hoity toity salted chocolate I’ve seen uses sea salt…maybe I should’ve, too?)


Sugar ‘n’ salt (don’t worry, the large-grained stuff is the sugar)


After I finished icing my balls (hehehehehehe), Mom and I went out for c25kI’m REALLY REALLY worried, because my pain is definitely back.  I don’t know if stretching will keep this stuff at bay.  People are saying “get supportive shoes” – I got Sauconys for that very reason.  People say “don’t run on pavement” but this was happening even on my gym’s rubber indoor track.  I seriously think I just weigh too much to run.  Any other “big girls” out there who’ve run without injuries?  If I know it’s not because of my weight, I’ll feel better because then it’s likely something I can address now.  I don’t want to be a quitter. 

Then, in a rush to get the balls packaged and get myself out the door, I left my precious camera behind in the kitchen, so the pictures from dinner are courtesy of my icky Blackberry phone.  We decided to go to Olive Garden!  I did my research ahead of time and picked a vegetarian entree that was only 400ish calories – marinara and linguine.  Boring, but when I knew I’d be getting a cocktail, breadsticks, salad, and dessert, I went with it.

When you say, “hey, Catherine, I’d like to take your photo for my blog,” this is what happens:


I forgot to take a picture of my (very potent) cocktail, but it was worth getting again – the Pomegranate Margarita Martini.  Whew that puppy was strong.  Catherine got the Italian Margarita.  It, too, was molto strongo.

Here’s my 2nd round of salad and breadsticks.  Could’ve/should’ve stopped at one, but I’m never here.


And my beautiful entree that I only ate 6 bites of.  Yay lunch!


I had also seen on the website that they were serving pumpkin cheesecake, so y’all know I had to get me some of that.  Catherine had her telltale gift bag up on the table, and I think I mentioned to our waitress that we were celebrating Catherine’s birthday, so of course they surprised both of us her with this!



Yeah, we also had some cappuccino.  Ahhhh good stuff.


This pumpkin cheesecake was AMAZING.  I dare say it was better than my mom’s, but don’t tell her that.  Though if she had this stuff, she’d agree with me.  We split it, and my tummy was very happy.

Then I came home and farted around on the computer for FOREVER before ending my night with this:


I’ve been sitting at my computer all morning, so I’m off to stretch my legs a bit outside.  I hope everyone’s having a lovely day so far!


  1. Love the blog! We have a lot of eating issues in common. Have you ever thought of saving desserts for "special" times? It seems like you have them at least twice a day! I too love cake balls, but honey, get them out of your house and stop making them before they ruin all your progress! I used to love to make them for everyone, but just had to accept that I'm not safe around them! Stick to your non edible projects and your waistline will thank you!


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