Cold and rainy weather = yippy skippy Kat!

Yesterday was a Sunday much like any other – I watched Christmas movies and worked on stuff around the house and did CRAFTS!!  My friend Kaycee commissioned a few appliqued onesies from me for a friend.  In order to start on the onesies, I had to re-learn how to use my sewing machine.  When Mom graduated from college, her parents gifted her with her own sewing machine, so she did the same for me.  I used it a couple of times under her supervision the summer after I graduated college but never did a whole lot with it.  When I went to grad school, it went too.  I tried using it once or twice but couldn’t figure out how to re-thread the damned thing when it broke, so it sat idle in my closet for over 2 years.  With all this free time on my hands lately, I started using Mom’s a lot, so we got mine out of storage, and yesterday we finally got reacquainted! 

(I’m trying to upload my cell phone pics to flickr, but it ain’t happenin’.  I’ll post pics tomorrow when I’m done with all three onesies!)


Since yesterday was relatively boring, I’ll try to recap with few words:


(grits + cheese and biscuits + apple and pumpkin butter)




Quite possibly the most yellow meal on the planet.  After hours of fighting with the iron, the fabric, and the sewing machine, I was hungry and couldn’t think of anything amazing to fix for dinner.  This is leftover butternut risotto and corn.


Under my Ott Lite, my caramel apple looks like it’s being beamed up by spacecraft:



Today I did a lot more crafting as well as some errand-running.

I opened a new jar of almond butter and got almond grease all over me…usually they’re annoying to stir but still stir-able…this one was TERRIBLE.  It’s still really hard and compacted down in there and there was a lot of oil on top…I’m not sure I’ll ever get it all mixed up.  I need one of those jar-topper-stirrer thingies.  Funny story about this almond butter – it had a $1 off coupon attached to the lid, and when the girl at the store rang it up, she looked at it but didn’t scan it.  I said “oh, is that coupon not usable now?” and her reply was “it’s only good for nut butter” (I guess she thinks “nut butter” only applies to peanuts??).  So I said “that’s what that is – it’s made of almonds….”  She goes “well, I’ll go ahead and give it to you,” like she’s doing me a favor.  The scanner wouldn’t accept it unless it was right, and lo and behold, it was accepted.  Lo and behold, almonds are nuts!  Gaaaah.


Added to maple and brown sugar instant oatmeal plus flax and banana.


Another story – I’ve gotten sick of using the old 70s-era orange Tupperware bowls.  Sidenote: the kitchen we’re using now is in the downstairs of our house.  Our normal kitchen is upstairs but is being renovated.  I’ll spare myself the embarrassment of telling you all how long it’s been in “renovation” stage.  Anywho, we’re only using a fraction of our dishes in this tiny temporary kitchen, AND our family is even more in limbo because I’m living here while looking for a job.  Could things get crazier? 

ANYWAYS – I dug this new bowl out of some of my boxes.  I bought 4 of them last year on clearance at Target and haven’t used any yet.  It photographed more teal than it really is…it’s a pretty robin’s egg blue shade – one of my absolute favorite colors.  This color played a major role in the decor at my house, and I really miss it!  It makes me so happy!  I’ll be using this bowl now as MY bowl.  It makes me feel special and might make me eat more mindfully.  smile_regular

Today was an amazing day, mood-wise.  It was a cold and rainy day, and while some people get depressed in weather like that, it makes me feel cozy and happy.  I opened the door and let the cool air in while I watched Home Alone 1 and 2 over and over again on DVD (I tend to “watch” movies over and over again…that doesn’t mean I sit there and actually watch them, though; they’re mostly there for company’s sake).

I got chilly but didn’t care – I just wrapped myself up (in my favorite unflattering college hoodie!) and made some pumpkin coffee with pumpkin syrup and pumpkin creamer!


I fully intend on turning into a pumpkin before Thanksgiving.  Before Halloween, if I’m lucky!

I ran to WalMart to get several things (I’ll be making more almond butter this week!) and ran into two old friends from elementary-high school whom I haven’t seen since high school graduation.  So random – they weren’t together, either!  That meant that a 45-minute grocery/craft run turned into more like 2 hours after I chatted with them both.

For lunch, I got a Blimpie veggie sub with Baked Lays and Diet Mountain Dew (which nobody has in a drink fountain!!).  I don’t remember the last time I went to Blimpie…my sandwich was alright.  Nothing special.



And dessert…


Late afternoon/early evening snack was biscuits and pumpkin and apple butter with milk and chai:


Boy am I glad these biscuits are gone…I shall miss them dearly.  As you can see, I brought down my laptop so I could get some blog-reading done!  I’m also in the middle of planning an engagement photo shoot for the end of the week.  I’ve been suckered talked into taking some shots of Catherine and her fiancée Scotty…I hope I don’t botch it up.  All I have is a little blue point ‘n’ shoot, but I do have some mad editing skillz.  Problem with that is, you’ve got to have a good raw product to work with, and I’m not convinced my camera can deliver.  I’ll also take along my 35mm SLR, though I haven’t used it in well over a year!

Tonight I’ve been right-click-saving a bunch of engagement photos from teh interwebs and I put them all into a Windows Live Gallery for her to look at so she can tell me what she wants.  This was my first time using the online gallery function, and I’m not a fan.  In the past few days, I’ve been using the Live Gallery software to organize some photos, but I’m definitely not a fan of their online album feature.  I should’ve just stuck to Facebook.

I didn’t take a dinner break until after 9pm.  I find that I eat more poorly if I don’t plan and if I’m voracious and desperate.  I turned to one of my favorite Weight Watchers Smart Ones.


Not bad, but not great.  I didn’t add any vegetables on the side which I definitely should’ve done.  Then for dessert I had a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch.  WTF?  And no exercise today…I was too preoccupied with my random tasks.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll go for that bike ride I promised myself?  I do need to scout out some photoshoot locations, and Saluda Shoals Park is on the list!

PS – I’ve been tinkering with my weight and exercise tickers as I need to – I’m so close to 250lbs, I can taste it!!


  1. OMG your nut butter cashier makes me sad for the world.

    My first jar of almond butter was like that too... totally packed and un-mixable. So I scooped it into my stand mixer and mixed it with the whisk for a while, then put it back in the jar. It was fine after that and only separated a tiny bit... much more spreadable and wonderful. I know it sounds like a lot of work just for some nut butter but it only took a couple minutes and the jar lasts a while. :)

  2. I didn't even think of taking it all out, mixing it, then putting it back - might have to try that! And yeah, I just finished off my very first jar last week - it lasted about 3 months. :D

  3. Great ideas!. you are awesome thank you for sharing this.


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