Engagement photos and the children’s museum

This might very well be one of the longest posts in blogging history.  Brace yourselves.

Friday I took engagement pictures for my best friend Catherine and her fiancée Scotty.  Here are several of my favorites, post-edit:

Afterward, we rewarded ourselves with food and drink.


My veggie pizza and one of my two Irish Car Bombs.  smile_angel


What was left of the chocolate cake after we picked at it.  I brought it home to Mom and we finished it.  smile_devil

The next day, Mom and I “babysat,” which included taking my cousin’s kid to Moes and EdVenture, Columbia’s children’s museum.  Mom and I have been wanting to check it out for a long time, but it’d look strange if two grown women went to a children’s museum without any requisite children.

I started off the day with part of an oatmeal-banana cake and some chai + skim.


This is Faith.  Thank goodness she likes quesadillas.  (PS – both Mom and I agreed that these Moe’s burritos were the best we’ve ever had – dunno if their ingredients were fresher at this location or what, but lunch was AMAZING.)


My junior Art Vandelay burrito.


I’ll include a couple of museum pics just for the sake of storytellin’.



(The inside of this 2+ story tall kid is a somewhat-anatomically-correct jungle gym!)


They had a butterfly exhibit that closed today, so we lucked out in getting to see it!



Then we had more fun inside…







Shortly after this, we dropped Faith off at her house and went home to collapse.  If I ever have kids, I want to be able to run a marathon first, because it takes that caliber of endurance to keep up with them!

When we got home, we had some tabbouleh and pita chips…


and Mom made a dinner consisting of shrimp, which is why this little dude offered to help…


(Mom said to disregard her mom jeans…and the unpainted drawer fronts?  Chalk it up to this being the spare kitchen that never got finished smile_embaressed)

Dinner was this linguine/arugula/feta/shrimp dish that Mom got out of one of those Weight Watchers cook books you find in the magazine sections.  I had some without shrimp and with green beans on the side.


Dessert was half a personal pumpkin pie we got at the grocery store, topped with some vanilla fro yo…


Which started a pumpkin frenzy that I continued on Sunday.  This post is too long already, so I’m wrapping it up and letting Sunday have a post all its own!


  1. great photos. when and if I get married, maybe we can fly you over to do photos for me :)


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