Getting off track, and vitamins/supplements

Today wasn’t quite as fun as yesterday.  Gosh, yesterday was awesome…I’m just going to bask in its cozy, rainy, awesomeness for another moment.


Ok, basking done.  smile_shades

Breakfast this morning was yogurt, banana, flax, and Kashi Honey Sunshine and Go Lean Crunch cereals.


I sure do miss having fresh blueberries!  smile_cry

Today was dreary, but not rainy…boo.  I had the door open again all day, and the temperature definitely called for soup.  Organic creamy tomato soup, to be exact. With a smidge of parmesan cheese on top.


I wanted a little something more than just a grilled cheese sandwich, so I smeared some pesto on one half of a toasted Arnold’s sandwich thin and topped it with low-fat mozzarella and sundried tomatoes.


This didn’t really fill me up that much, though, and about an hour later I went scrounging.  This is a problem for me…if I have “bad” stuff in the house readily accessible, I’ll eat it.  If I don’t have “bad” stuff, I’ll throw stuff together and binge on random crap.  Case in point:


This was my afternoon snack.  A few tablespoons of frosting on reduced-fat graham crackers.  Cake frosting is certifiably a “bad” food, but I forgot that I had some left over from the cake pops.  When I was doing my “I’m hungry, I’m bored, I want something tasty, what can I eat?” dance, I found this in the back of the fridge and decided this was what I wanted, then I went scrounging for something to put it on.  I could’ve had a Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich for far fewer calories, I’m sure, than what I ate today in cake frosting.  I should’ve thrown away the rest when I had used the frosting I needed. 

I’m tired of telling myself “I should have done this, I should have done that.”  I should just DO these things.  I’ve screwed myself over for too long to keep falling for these tricks I play on myself.  If I lived at my own place, I’d put a sign on all the food storage places in my kitchen (cabinet, pantry, fridge) saying “Do you really want that?” or “What would the blogosphere say?” or “Don’t you want the scale to go down?”

I want to try a crap-free week like so many others have done, mostly to re-train my taste buds.  I rely on such sugar- and salt-rich foods, and I crave them constantly.  Once I have something in my head, I can’t stop obsessing about it until I have it.  This is mad unhealthy, yo.

Back to the food….

With as much as I’ve watched Home Alone over the past couple of days, I got talked into craving cheese pizza (Kevin McCallister’s favorite).  When Mom went to the store on her way home, I asked her to pick up a DiGiorno.


We both agreed we’d stop at two pieces, leaving us each two pieces for lunch tomorrow!  A little while later, though, I was hungry again.  Or was it just a craving?  Mom had made her “brown rice” (rice baked with beef consommé – bad vegetarian, Kat!) for Dad, and I wanted some.  So I had some.


Blehhh.  At least I made room for steamed asparagus.  It doesn’t make up for the crap I ate, but it’s pretty much the healthiest thing I ate all day.

I finished the baby onesies today!  Here are the three I made:




I had to dye that last one with Rit…I wish I had gotten a different shade of orange, though.  It’s too Tennessee when it needs to be Clemson (haha, there’s not much difference on my screen between those two oranges).  It would’ve been nice for it to match the orange slice (that must be the kid’s last name…I made these for a friend whose friend is having a baby).  They’re definitely not expert-caliber…if I want to make these for Etsy, I’ve got to practice a lot more.

I’m off to pre-mix a special breakfast.  I’ll share the recipe and pictures tomorrow…it’s really easy to make and pretty darned convenient!

In parting, I wanted to ask y’all what vitamins and supplements you guys use.  Another “should” for tonight is, “I should be better about taking my vitamins.”  I’ve got a multivitamin, sublingual B-12 for energy, cinnamon capsules for sugar metabolism, and a couple other random ones I’m never consistent with – chromium picolinate for fat burning…something else for the same thing…they probably don’t even work, though.  Anyway, what do y’all use?  Can you tell a difference in day-to-day energy? Weight loss?  I had a roommate in college who was on the rowing team and she wore by spirulina.  I feel so tired and BLAH lately, so besides exercise and eating better, what else should I do or take?


  1. I have some fish oil capsules and keep meaning to take them daily to get my Omega 3s in better balance with all those nasty Omega 6s.

    And I think I might start taking some Vitamin D supplements... everyone thinks you fight off colds/flu with vitamin C, but Vitamin D is really effective. I know, I know. I could just go outside more, but... I'm an indoor animal.

  2. Aaah - I forgot about my fish oil! I have those and always forget. I even have one of those old-people daily pill containers. Still don't take 'em. And maybe if I get in the habit of taking everything else, I'll add some Vitamin D and Calcium to the mix, too!


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