Operation “turn into a pumpkin” is well underway

I’ve got 2 more weeks to turn into a pumpkin before my goal of Halloween, and I’m so gonna succeed.  I mentioned earlier today that I had pumpkin oatmeal for breakfast – I’ll definitely try this again but will add almond butter for more substance.

Lunch was pretty frickin’ awesome – I tried a Morningstar Spicy Black Bean Burger on an Arnold’s Sandwich Thin with pepperjack cheese and light ranch dressing. 


This was my first time trying these – they were pretty darned good!  There’s something about spiciness that necessitates ranch dressing for me.  On the side I had some leftover sweet potato fries, green beans, and a roasted tomato with parmesan cheese.


Mom was nice and left me a little slice of her birthday cake; I had it with vanilla fro yo with sugar-free caramel sauce and toffee chips.  Awesome.


Then I spent the afternoon scrubbing my bathroom – so glamorous.  One of the cats’ litterboxes is in there, and the powdery mess from the litter is IMPOSSIBLE to clean up.  Even after you scrub the tile, it leaves this residue that never goes away.  Boring blog topic, but one close to my heart today.  Grr.

Mom and I ran away this evening and ran some fun errands, one of which was patronizing our local Panera (are y’all tired of all my pictures from this place?  Because I’m definitely not tired of eating there!)


I had a tomato and mozzarella sandwich with my favorite French onion soup and whole grain bread.  And my beloved green tea!!  I’d drink that shit 24/7 if my pancreas would let me.  On the way out, we grabbed a pumpkin latte with nonfat milk to further along the transition.  After running around a couple more places, we came home and watched National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation with the commentary.  I’ve had a DVD of it for years and have actually worn it out - it’s all scratched up and no scratch-be-gone solution can save it – so tonight at Target we got a new one that has commentary on it!  Oh how I love it so!

Just a few minutes ago we had our dessert – a piece of pumpkin pie.  My skin is already developing a ruddy orange hue.


It’s inevitable.  The change is on the horizon.

Tomorrow morning, Mom and I are starting #c25k at Week 1!  I need all the good juju/prayers/crossed phalanges I can get that my shins don’t get royally effed up on my 2nd attempt of the program!


  1. remember you can do it. you are gonna run the 5km race. if you do..I will send you love from Oz :)


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