Takin’ care of business

I’ve been fairly productive today and have eaten pretty well so far.  Breakfast was pumpkin oatmeal…


…consisting of 1 packet of Quaker Weight Control Maple & Brown sugar, 1 banana, ½ cup of pumpkin, a smidge of the pumpkin/sugar-free syrup sauce I use on pancakes, 2 Tbls almond butter, and a sprinkle of flaxseed.

I did some consumer research and finally ordered us a new waffle maker.  We really wanted one with removable plates that could turn into a panini press, but you can’t find those for under $50.  There’s a George Foreman product that kinda does it all, but we’ve already got a fairly big GF grill so we don’t need that yet. 

I also ordered some bubble mailers for my Etsy shop.  Y’know, the one I keep dabbling in every so often but that hasn’t gone live yet?  Yeah, that one.

Maybe I’ll do a jew’ry giveaway when I finally launch it!  Hmm…

Lunch was leftovers from last night, and since dinner didn’t fill me up very well and I was already hungry from breakfast, I added some leftover goulash on the side, sans cheese.


Then I had a piece of dark chocolate with sea salt.  This stuff makes my tongue happy.


I’m going to take a shower, change my ugly giant bandaids on my ugly flesh-eating rashes that I hope are finally getting better (eff you, staph!  or whateverthehellyouare), and get all gussied up to go to Walmart.  I’ve got some kale in my fridge and would like to make this recipe tonight.  I was searching foodporn on Food Gawker earlier today…I can take my newfound unhealthy obsession with baking things and use it to make healthier savory veggie-based things instead!

PS – I’ve had around 1,100 calories already today.  Le sigh.

PPS – I’ll also be roasting acorn squash seeds, perhaps tonight? 


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