Wine ‘n’ Wii

…is how my day ended up.  Not the best combo…especially if it’s one of the Wii’s exercise programs.  I’m feeling kinda funny.  Bleeech….

Today I mostly worked on cleaning up my room and going through my closet.  Fun, right?  I put all my too-small things in a box stored at the bottom of my closet so that when I outgrow…ingrow?…grow down?…am too small for my clothes, I can open up the box and it’ll be like CHRISTMAS!  So yeah, I got started cleaning and going through stuff this morning and didn’t want to stop for a big breakfast, so on the way down to the kitchen to grab a trash bag, I snagged a pumpkin muffin with pumpkin butter:


Lunch was leftovers…icky, icky leftovers.  Both the butternut squash pasta and the squash/root mash weren’t fabulous when I first made them but merely “good,” and they got a bit worse after hanging out in the fridge.


Mom’s got a plan to make the squash/root mash into pan-fried patties, so I’m looking forward to trying that this weekend!  I wanted to distance myself from the cake truffles today, so after lunch I had a Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich:


(don’t worry, I removed my sorry-ass nail polish later in the day)

After tons more cleaning, moving, organizing, throwing away, vacuuming…I broke for a snack of apple and cheese, with a side of Brooks:



That little punk wanted my food so badly, but when I broke him off little Brookser-sized pieces, he wanted nothing to do with them.  I went back to vacuuming and cleaning up the kitchen/playroom area and had a muffin and tea after awhile:


Like a moth to a flame…

When I was winding down on my chores and Mom came home, she poured us each a glass of wine and I grabbed some almonds:


Ew.  I need to dust.

Dinner was sushi that Mom had picked up on her way home – I’m not going to get any more sushi for awhile…when you have something often enough, it loses its spark.


After a little bit of NBC Thursday night TV, though, I realized I wasn’t yet full (go figure!)  I had some of Mom and Dad’s dinner…she made angel hair pasta with scallops and cream sauce with asparagus.  I’m not a scallops fan, so I added some pesto to my pasta and ate the asparagus:


Not proud that I ate this, but it’s no fatty pizza or cheeseburger.

And dessert was a pumpkin ice cream cone:


A couple more glasses of wine later (I tend to drink more on Thursday nights when I’m watching “my shows” and kicking back…that’s probably not good), and I remembered I hadn’t exercised today!  I didn’t do it yesterday because of my headache, so I HAD to today.  I was determined to do my Wii Fitness program, and even had to put it off for 30 more minutes while my stupid Wiimote charged.  I did it, though!  I sweated and was clumsy, but I totally did it!

I’m sooo tired, so I’ll try to be a little more eloquent tomorrow.  TTFN, ta-ta for now!