Anyone up for Secret Santa?

Today was a pretty terrible eating day around here.  Breakfast was a store-bought pumpkin muffin and cocoa coffee


I didn’t buy the muffin, but I ate the muffin, so I’m still to blame.  I can’t say, “Mom bought them” and play victim if I voluntarily shoved the damn thing in my mouth.  Moving on.

I iced my cookies (hehe, sounds dirty) sans cake tips.  I’m so concerned for my poor brain.  I can’t believe I’ve lost something in my own house.  Wait, scratch that, if you saw this house you’d totally see how easy it is to lose something here.


(Disclaimer: these are for other people)


For lunch I made a truly awesome concoction.  Instead of doing my brie-apple-pecan-cinnamon bread sandwich, I took a honey wheat Sandwich Thin and smeared some apple butter on one side and piled up some thinly sliced apple, then on the other side I cut up one of those Wee Brie wedges, then put both halves under the broiler for a couple of minutes.


Then when it was all toasty and warm and melty, I put some almond butter on top of the apples.  Have I shown y’all my Earth Fare almond butter?  They grind it in-store and the texture is pretty coarse.  Good for mixing into oatmeal and “hiding” in things like this, but it’s not fabulous by itself.


My flippin’ swell sammich…


…with leftover onion soup with some mozzarella tossed on top.  I’m glad this is all gone, but I didn’t have the heart to just throw it out.


Then I ate the shit out of this sorry-ass pumpkin.


I had a skim milk pumpkin spice latte when I ran errands – I’m going to be crushed when they run out for the year – and then came home to start making dinner.  I started out with a guilty pleasure salad – black olives, yogurt ranch dressing, and French’s onions:


A pretty darned unhealthy salad.  We’ve got someone staying here tonight, so I got giant frozen lasagnas for dinner.  Meat for the men, veggie (with really terrible-for-you cream sauce) for Mom and me.  I need to make a REAL veggie lasagna soon.


My portion (with flash, sorry…I’m frustrated with how grainy my high-ISO pics are), followed by a teensy bit of the meat.   


Then I had this cookie afterward. 


All the cookies are gone, and I got through the past couple days pretty well…only a few cookies have been consumed by me.  A few months ago I would’ve eaten twice as many.  I’m proud, though the rest of today’s eats leave something to be desired.

Blogger Secret Santa

Do any of you guys want to participate in a Blogger Secret Santa gift exchange with me this year?  Or is this something that people are already participating in?  I wanted to head one of these up, so let me know if you’re interested or if there’s one I’m missing out on! 


  1. Dinner looks yummy. i just sent you a tweet about heather's secret Santa blogger swap!


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