Carbs ahoy

Brace yourselves for some mad carb-age ahead.  It’s ugly.

I woke up this morning at my regular time (10am, though with the time change it was 9am – this could be a good change!) after having gone to sleep at like 2:30am, and I’ve been editing pictures all day.  I have been THISCLOSE to falling asleep all day long and have resorted to comfort foods as a result.  On the bright side, I’m going to bed before 9pm tonight.  WAHOO!!

One of the things that kept me up late last night was spending quality time with my cat.


I cannot watch this video without laughing.  The kind of laughing where you’re not making any noise and not really breathing.  It’s amazing.

I made myself a pumpkin waffle with Earth Fare PB, flax, and SF syrup this morning, though it came out doughy…dunno if the added moisture from the pumpkin made it cook funny or what.  It’s definitely going to be a trial-and-error process with this waffle maker, and I’m ok with that. 


I did a bunch of photo editing and then decided to try my hand at making French onion soup for a late lunch.



It just doesn’t taste the same without beef broth.  Le sigh.  I did serve the soup in these little individual bread bowls from Walmart:



They look like giant stuffed mushrooms, right?  The soup was made with white wine and thyme, two ingredients that went into my butternut squash risotto a month or so ago that made me feel a bit queasy.  I think next time I make this soup, I’ll leave those two ingredients out.


Had this afterward to get the icky taste out of my mouth…


…and went back to work.  After taking the dogs out in the early afternoon and getting chilled to the bone (cool temps + rainy drizzly weather + wifebeater = cold Kat), I made FF hot chocolate with FF Cool Whip on top for Mom and me.


And then later some hot apple cider…I forgot to turn the macro setting back on on the camera, so it’s mucho blurrioso.


Dinner was a tad unconventional – Mom and I had pumpkin waffles again, though this time from a mix - Burnham & Mills Organic Pumpkin Spice Muffin & Pancake Mix, to be exact.  I got a couple of these mixes at World Market (the happiest place on earth) and have used it for myself and for gifts.  Great stuff!  Can you tell we’re excited about our new waffle maker??  There’s probably some eye-rolling going on out there, but I’m probably having one again for breakfast, so watch out.


I’ve got A LOT of work left to go on my big birthday project…I’ll be sitting a lot this week, and my legs still hurt a lot, so I won’t be able to do much physical activity.  So yeah…this week will be a bit “bleh” as far as exercise and eating go.  I might try doing some Wii exercises…we’ll see. 


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