Lost my mind…

…and my Wilton cake decorating tips.  I have this nice 50-something piece set of icing tips, and I have hidden them from myself.  I feel like I’ve lost my mind, mostly because I can recall the last 3 places I’ve seen this kit, and now I just feel crazy!!  Aaaah!!!  I baked some awesome roll-out pumpkin spice cookies today that I need to decorate tomorrow for Mom’s co-workers, and I wanted to make them all prettyful and whatnot.  Boo.

Back to sanity and today’s eats.  I started the day off with a pumpkin spice waffle with PB and flax.  I’ve been so used to the natural peanut butter they grind at Earth Fare that the jar stuff seemed kinda gross to me.


I’d like to say I ate one of the bananas in the background, but that’d be a dirty rotten lie.  I did have some holiday marshmallows in my coffee + SF cocoa, though.


I needed fuel for the bakefest I was about to partake in (that sounds bad…).  I baked a bunch of cookies for Mom to take to work tomorrow.  It’s Radiological Technologist week (dunno if that’s a national thing or just at her hospital) and asked me to bake cookies for them all.  I made Montana Whoppers and they turned out so much better than last time – and they were great last time.  Here’s some food porn for ya:





For lunch I wanted to whip up something healthy and whole-food-y, but that didn’t happen.  I had a Weight Watchers frozen meal – angel hair pasta with veggies and marinara - with extra parmesan:


Followed by two cookies  :


The rest of the afternoon I did some work on the computer and then baked these bad boys that took FOREVER.  These are roll-out pumpkin and spice cookies.


The dough had been chilling but was way sticky, so I had to keep unsticking everything and adding more flour.  I finally got it right, but rolling and cutting and flipping and flopping are pretty tedious.  These are the cookies I’m icing – I’m a nerd, but I’m looking forward to it tomorrow, icing tips or no.

For dinner, I used this white bean and kale-stuffed delicata squash recipe.


And drank this during the initial roasting phase:


then sautéed garlic with kale


…added white beans, and stuffed the squash halves, then topped with parmesan and bread crumbs.  I split a half with Mom, so we’ve got some left over for tomorrow.  I also had some soggy sautéed zucchini and 6 pieces of crab and cream cheese sushi.  Do I win Random Dinner of the Night award?


I didn’t do the Shred today but plan on doing it tomorrow morning.  We’ll see if that happens….


  1. I really need to get squashy before this butternut goes bad. I was supposed to cook it yesterday....after many days of not. Geesh.

    And I want a cookie.

  2. I'm thrilled that you've tried my Montana Whoppers and liked them enough to make them a second time. Huzzah!

  3. OH MY GOD, Michelle - these cookies are pretty much THE BEST EVER. I made them first for myself, and that was a huge mistake because I ate them all within like 4 days. This time, I made them for Mom to take to work for people, and she reported back to me that they pretty much gobbled them all up as soon as they saw them. And at least two people sought her out later in the week and told her they were the best cookies they'd ever had (she doesn't work the same shift as those people, so it was a big deal for them to come find her!).

    I'm embarrassed I didn't leave a comment on your post first...I should've thanked you properly for sharing such an AMAZING RECIPE with all of us.

    While it's not quite as thoughtful as it should've been, THANK YOU, MICHELLE!!!!!


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