Sitting at a table like a normal person

First off, I’m glad to have a vitamin accountabili-buddy in Jen! Tuesday night I went to bed thinking “I need to start being vigilant about taking my vitamins starting tomorrow.” When I woke up yesterday morning and sleepily scrolled through Twitter, I saw she had posted a tweet about forgetting to take vitamins - ‘twas a sign! Yesterday and today I took my vitamins and supplements and so did she – yay for Twitter!


I take one-a-day for women, fish oil, and cinnamon capsules (for sugar metabolism…a pre-diabetic friend was “prescribed” them by her GP and swore she had more energy, so I started taking them too. Could be a sham, but I’ve heard buzz about it from other sources, too. I just have never been consistent enough with taking them to know how they affect me). Also, I need to start taking calcium + vitamin D!!!

Yesterday I broke my waffle streak by having some Stonyfield pumpkin pie yogurt with a banana, flax, and Kashi Go Lean Crunch and Honey Sunshine cereals. I’m not a huge fan of the yogurt. Maybe because it’s not the low-fat/fat-free consistency I’m used to…


Icky separation. And, I’m sorry, I know this is gross, but the consistency is almost mucousy. The taste isn’t great enough to make up for the consistency. I wish I liked it!


Probably a good thing I don’t, though, because it’s seasonal, more expensive than the stuff I like, and the only place I can find it around here is the health food store 30+ minutes away.


I disappointed myself for lunch. I went to the freezer to see what kinds of veggies we had, but I saw a Healthy Choice French Bread Pizza in the door and changed my plans. “But, Katherine,” you might be saying, “why didn’t you have veggies, too?” Well, I was lazy. And wanted to get back to work.


Poor decision-making skillz. I has them.

I also haz small dessert.


Hours of photo editing later, I pulled out some “appetizers” while I was making dinner. Mom and I had a few Stacy’s Naked Pita Chips with tahini hummus and the last of my tabbouleh.


For dinner we had some of the not-so-awesome French onion soup I made a few days ago in the remaining two tiny bread bowls. That pan is only like 8” wide.


So I added some more soup in a separate bowl for each of us.



And for dessert I made Tina’s apple crisp while Mom and I watched Run, Fat Boy, Run so I could finally send it back to Netflix (yeah, I’ve had it for over two months…there’s no excuse). Tina wasn’t lying – that apple crisp is amazing.


I had a smallish amount in a biggish bowl with some Breyer’s fat-free ice cream.


Today’s been productive so far…I’ve been sitting at our dining room table working on these photos which makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD. I’m not crumpled over on an unsupportive couch with my arms at a weird angle. I ate breakfast and lunch at the table like a normal human being should. I need to get out of this house so I can do stuff like this more often.


That’s one of my favorite mugs I got on spring break to Chicago in 2005 with some girlfriends from college…that was really the *only* time I’ve ever taken a real trip on my own (i.e., without mommy and daddy holding my hand). My breakfast was an apple ‘n’ spice waffle with my newest FAVORITE THING EVER – coffee mixed with an instant cocoa packet. We’ve got tons of those packets laying around, sugar-free, fat-free, all different kinds, and I’ve NEEEEDED caffeine staring at this computer all day, but regular drip coffee isn’t all that awesome on the palate or the stomach. This concoction SOLVES IT ALL!!!

Lunch was the last of my pasta bake and a woefully inadequate serving of green beans, both with a sprinkling o’parm. With a piece of chocolate to follow.


Another upside to dining in the dining room: natural light.

PS – Two-parter question. Anyone out there have Roadrunner/Time Warner Cable internet service? If so, does your browser every so often opt to “not find” a website? Like sometimes if I try to go to Facebook (and click my bookmarked icon at the top of Firefox), it’ll say “sorry, we couldn’t find” – BULLSHIT, ROADRUNNER!!! It’s happened with Facebook, Google, and countless other not-so-big sites, too. And it’ll start working whenever it damn well pleases. UGGGHHHH.