Vegan Week Day 1 in the Can

**I’m doing Vegan Week this week with Michelle from Eating Journey and Katy from Silly Tater Tot – here’s a recap of my post-breakfast day.**

So after my little Junior Mint Fiasco this morning, I haven’t swayed from vegan eating all day!  I’ve hit some snags and have felt semi-deprived at times, but I’ve distracted myself with other fun things to eat.

I already told y’all about my meh oatmeal this morning, so on to lunch.  I had soup and a sandwich…nice and safe.  This soup was one of my go-to healthy meals in grad school…Progresso Lentil!  I add barbeque sauce to mine for a little more flavor.


My “sandwich” was a Morningstar Chik’n Grillers patty (I wanted a spicy black bean patty but it’s not vegan!) on a sandwich thin (no eggs or dairy there!) with some more barbeque sauce.  Should’ve taken the time to add some veggies, but I was hangry.  The sauce had some scary-sounding ingredients, but I think they’re all preservatives.  It might not be “healthy” but it’s vegan (right?).


Then I had a snack of two tangerines


…while I worked on a sewing project.

In the late afternoon, I made some Pumpkin Spice roasted Chickpeas from Peas and Thank You’s recipe.


And then later in the evening tried some kale chips from Kath Eats Real Food’s recipe.  My friend Emily Tweeted a picture of her own kale chips earlier this evening and it reminded me I had some kale rapidly wilting in my fridge.



I over-salted and over-baked.  Next time I’ll watch it more closely and lay off the salt.  Still – it’s a pretty freaking cool outcome!

For dinner, I harvested my first couple of sprigs from our new rosemary tree:


(That red thing on top is a red sweetgum ball Mom found…it was pretty interesting, and we didn’t want to toss it, so it’s adorning our little tree.)

I used those few sprigs for roasted fingerling potatoes


Mom said they looked like giant peanuts.  I thought they looked like little turds.  Here’s my dinner plate…


…complete with steamed broccoli and canned peas (no Exorcist clip can keep me from my peas.  Though I didn’t exactly watch the clip before eating – I was afraid it’d make me ill).

Right now all I can think about is having a square of dark chocolate, so I’m packing myself up and tucking myself in where I can’t get any.  Le sigh.


  1. Kinda does. Great job on first day of veganism!

  2. Your potatoes totally look like peanuts! Love the broc! my fav!

  3. The kale looks cool!

    Sorry for the Exorcist clip! LOL


  4. You rule. I have over salted kale before..dang it. Not good.

  5. Nicci - Thank you! It's hard going vegan! I'm so thankful I don't have any food's so much work to fully read and comprehend the ingredient list before diving in (that sounded so stupid..hehe) And the potatoes tasted better than turds (though I've never tried a turd, I assume they don't taste like AWESOME ROSEMARY POTATOES)

    Carol - you know I have nothing but love for you. You make Twitter fun :)

    Michelle - at least now I know what to try next time! I'm stoked to try it again!


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