Waxing poetic about my nuts

First off, I’m not ashamed.


Second off, the FiberOne waffle recipe calls for 1½ Tbls of oil, and I replaced it with apple butter today…I also added cinnamon, nutmeg, and ground cloves.  Pretty darn awesome!

Lunch was leftover pasta bake from last night. 


And my snack again…


100in12 (I researched and can’t find your name…you must tell me since we seem to have so much in common!!!) asked about the honey almonds I keep referring to.  I wish I could be all Martha Stewarty and whip an awesome recipe out of my ass, but they’re store-bought.  They’re by Blue Diamond and they’re AMAZING.  I keep several flavors on hand – cinnamon brown sugar, vanilla bean, and honey (I don’t know why, but the website doesn’t list the honey flavor) - and I like the “Roasted Salted” almonds in the small can better than the sea salt in the plastic canister – it’s got a bolder salt taste, and I like to go big or go home.

Enough waxing poetic about my nuts.

At like 4ish, I headed for the grocery store…not just any grocery store, though.  A semi-far-away grocery store that contains a Starbucks which I use as an excuse to shop there.  I was getting close to the store when a chilling thought shot through my head – my car license plate tag tax thingy sticker had expired 3 days ago.  This was the very reason I raced home from a Halloween party last year like Cinderella under a spell before my tag expired at midnight.  It was good through the 31st.  I don’t know what’s sadder – the fact that I forgot the deadline, or the fact that I haven’t driven anywhere in the last 3 days.  So yeah, I’m homebound tomorrow while Mom goes to take care of it after work (sigh…I’m worthless while jobless), which would’ve been fine if the house arrest wasn’t mandatory.  The mere fact that I know I can’t go somewhere makes me want to go somewhere.

While I was at the grocery store (when I realized I was driving illegally, I opted to go to one closer to home and forego the coffee; Murphy is no friend of mine and his Law would most likely ensure that I got pulled), Mom called and said she was close by and would come pick me up for coffee.  I finished up at the store, put my bags in my car, got in her car, and we went to Starbucks where I got my first peppermint mocha of the season whose only redeeming quality was the skim milk it was made with.


Afterward, I told myself I’d get pumpkin spice lattes until they ran out (no more regularly than usual, of course), then I’d switch over to the new holiday flavors.  I felt like a traitor getting this when they still had pumpkin spice. 

In the early evening, dad opened a jar of pepper jelly from one of his patients? co-workers?  I have no clue.  I hope it wasn’t poisoned or improperly canned.  I had some on a chunk of cream cheese with some crackers.  It was wonderful and will probably kill me faster than if I hadn’t eaten it.  Meh.  It wasn’t a whole lot, though.  And I only ate the Triscuits – I fed those others to Maddypants.


Dinner was my ol’ Quorn-in-a-foil-packet trick.  I gave Mom the option of a different recipe, but she wanted my apple-and-onion combo, and she’s paying the bills at the moment, so that’s what we had.


That fungus-y stuff is actually gorgonzola.  And the stuff on the left used to be frozen.  Speaking of frozen, I had a half-cup of fat free Breyers with some Heath on top for dessert.


In whiny news, my legs still hurt a lot and I’m convinced I’ve got stress fractures.  Maybe I’m just being a hypochondriac, but when I stand/walk for more than 10 minutes or so, there’s a weird numb ache in my shins that doesn’t feel muscular.  I’m only whining talking about it more because I wanted to know, even if I got an x-ray and there were fractures, there’s nothing I can do about it, right?  Lately a couple of bloggers have talked about calcium supplements, and I’m going to take this episode as a lesson that I need to be better about taking my vitamins. 

PS – I bought the Glee Soundtrack today and was very sad to see that the Mashups weren’t included…so I got suckered into paying for them both individually.  The disappointment didn’t last long. 


  1. I hate baseball for taking Glee away.

  2. I'm appreciate your writing skill.Please keep on working hard.^^

  3. Why were there no mash-ups on the CDs??? i got the for christmas and was disappointed they werent there. I actually went back and watched that episode where I have it recorded on my DVR to see. Also, Defying Gravity and Find me Somebody to Love is different than the show version.

  4. @My Life - I've already told you this, but I need to put it in writing. I HATE that they left off the mashups!! I bought them separately, and I got the Christmas song too. I haven't bought the Thong Song or Emma's My Fair Lady song yet, but I want to! I don't think I ever saw the Somebody to Love episode - was that the pilot they showed way early? Because I missed that one. :(


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