What I’ve been doing lately, and a sappy thank-you

Writing these blog posts at night really helps me look back over the day and assess what I’ve eaten.  Today wasn’t the total carb-fest that yesterday saw, but it still wasn’t ideal…

I’ve spent my entire day in front of this godforsaken computer.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE editing photos (I’m a nerd), but my ass and arms and knees hurt.  I’ve been stretching my hands and wrists every so often to stave off Carpal Tunnel Syndrome…as a knitter, Blackberry addict, and computer geek, I’ve already found some stiffness and soreness in my carpal tunnels…trying to prevent it as best I can!!

I’m sitting on a couch with my laptop on a little table in front of me, and I’ve been sitting “Indian-style” (is that un-PC nowadays?) mostly all day.  I don’t like sitting like a normal person, and this little old couch isn’t very supportive, so I’m hurting.  In light of my shin splint crap, I’ve been thinking more about it – maybe I’ve created some crazy cycle where I don’t like sitting with my legs extended and it’s caused some muscles to shorten, so I sit like that more often and thus make it worse.  I can’t sit normally in a chair; when I go out to eat, in presentations/movies/shows, I usually sit with one leg under the other, or cross-legged if I can manage it.  That seems to lend itself to the shortening of the muscles that are currently making my life hell.

Holy Stream of Consciousness, Batman, does she ever shut up??

Here’s an example of the stuff I’ve been doing yesterday and today.  The picture on the left was originally a double exposure, had tape around the edges, and had fuzz stuck in the tape.  Awesome.  The picture on the right is the result of an hour or so of jerry-rigged Photoshop actions.

Picture 013    Picture 013 copyX

Soooo far from perfect, but it’s good enough to serve its purpose.  (As I see it here on the screen, I see a good bit of shading I need to fix…)  I’m putting all these photos together for a surprise slideshow…right now I’m in the photo-editing stage and will tackle the logistics of how to get them all together in a pretty slideshow with music and transitions in the next couple of days.  Whew.

On to today’s eats…

As promised, I had a waffle for breakfast.  I added some chocolate chips and ground flax to the FiberOne mix


With natural peanut butter and SF syrup.


I think I’ve  worn out my waffle iron’s welcome…might switch to savory tomorrow morning and have an egg sandwich.  Or I might just puss out and have another waffle.  Yiiiikes. 

Lunch was GINORMOUS.  Like, half would’ve been sufficient.  Less than half would’ve done the trick.  Why did I eat the whole thing?  I have no idea.  I was hungry, tired of being hungry, and wanted to prevent hunger pangs in the afternoon.  It didn’t work.  I still snacked in the afternoon.  Oh well, my ginormous lunch was mushroom risotto and broccoli.  I did pause a second to think about health, though, because I added some white beans to my risotto for protein.


Camera perspective helps to make an already out-of-control plate look even that more outrageous.  For dessert, I had a chocolate square but didn’t take a picture.

Remember the hunger pangs I wanted to prevent?  Yeah, they came and slapped me across the face promptly at 4pm. I wanted something salty and sweet, so I had honey almonds with candy corn.  This is the most INSANELY AMAZING COMBINATION EVER.  Why haven’t I tried this before?  I like candy corn pretty well but it’s usually too sweet for me to have some without feeling ill (not a bad thing, I know, since candy corn is a wholly elective, unnecessary food), but partnering it with the almonds made the perfect salty/sweet combo.


Whoo, in retrospect, that was too much.  It looks like a lot in the picture, so it probably was too much.  Duly noted.

Dinner was smallish. I made a pasta bake thingy with green peppers, onions, black olives (yesss my prettieeeessss), canned rubbery mushrooms (forgot mushrooms until the last minute, that’s why I didn’t sautée fresh ones with the rest of the veggies), jarred tomato sauce, fusilli pasta, and mozzarella.  When I was dating my college boyfriend, I would make this all the time because it’s cheap and easy but comforting.  I used to throw frozen meatballs in there, too.


Whoops, forgot I had this Abita Pecan Harvest Ale while my dinner was cooking.  Nice ‘n’ nutty without being too dark.


Wrapping this up, I want to sincerely thank Carol, ColorHungry, 100in12, and my BFF from home Lofton for commenting on my 2nd post last night.  I got a call at 11:30pm from one of my oldest and dearest friends; he proposed to his amazing girlfriend!  While I couldn’t be happier for both of them, it made me feel sorry for myself.  How selfish can I get?  I stopped myself before I got too depressed and “I hate everyone, and the world is out to get me”-feeling and wrote stuff down.  It’s weird having a blog and putting your innermost thoughts out there, pretty much asking for people to judge them, but that post was more of a “here’s a way to say what you’re thinking out loud so you can’t escape it and wallow in it any more.”

I know it’s not the end of the world if I don’t ever get married or have kids.  I love my cats, dog, TV shows that few others like, knitting, and jewelry-making, so I’ll have a happy life alone if that’s how I end up.  Men are stupid, anyways.  My history with them is not a positive one.  And I pretty much hate kids, and they hate me back.  (I always say I don’t like others’ kids but I’d want my own so I could beat them into submission – ha.)  Sometimes you just gotta throw a little pity party for yourself though.  I think it’s a good sign that I handled it by blogging something positive instead of eating something negative. 

Gaaah, one more thing and then I swear I’m shutting up.  I can’t remember who I’ve told, but I wrote my master’s thesis on the role of virtual communities in improving health and wellness.  At the time, I was focusing on “social networks” like MySpace and Facebook, and I haven’t really made “internet friends” since I was like 12 on AOL.  It tickles me to death that I’m essentially living my thesis now and that you guys in the blogosphere are helping me on my life journey in the process.  (Another thing I’m trying to improve on is helping others – I’m not always the best blog commenter, and until recently I’ve been really Twitter-shy).  So hopefully I can be a source of support to you guys, whoever needs it, like you’re proving to be for me. 

PS – been sucking balls at Sparkpeople-ing lately.  Gotta get back on that.


  1. Thanks for the laugh about kids.

    The candy corn and almonds look quite interesting.

  2. omg we are the same person (re: chris farley/30 rock quotes)...am i to assume that you have a love for black olives?? because if so...i could exist on nothing but them for the rest of my life and be happy. i might like them a little bit.

    and i know exactly what you mean about your friend - my friends are ALL in 5+ year relationships and one by one (or two by two, actually, this year) they get engaged, have weddings, babies, and i am SO happy for them, but it's making me stare at my own self right in the face in a way too. blech. anyway, we all need to get that out at some point, so you go.

    aaaaaand my comment is now a novel. ps i am always so impressed with your beer choices! they look good.

  3. ps part deux: you need to tell me about these honey almonds. the name alone makes me drool. (because i am attractive and classy)


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