8 years old

I have the sense of humor of a 12-year-old boy.  Y’all know this.  It isn’t news.  But when it comes to Christmas, I’m about 8.  From tacky decorations to movies affirming the existence of Santa Claus, I’m a huge fan of yuletide.  My mom and I have done this advent thing since I was a little girl – it’s a long rectangular box filled with little numbered boxes, and every day you pull a box.  Some are filled with things like a tube of chapstick or a pack of gum, but some are bigger.  When I was younger, the big gifts would start with a note inside the box, and each note would lead to a different note, leading me on a scavenger hunt until I found my prize hidden somewhere in the house.  When I was in college and grad school, Mom would send me back to school with the first 2 weeks’ worth of advent boxes after I went home for Thanksgiving.  Now, partially because the kitchen where the advent box usually resides is torn apart, and partially because I’m on the downward slope toward 30 (oh god), the advent boxes aren’t as complex as they used to be.  However, Mom still leaves me little goodies.  (Hopefully this will be the last year I live at home, so I’ve gotta embrace the childhood traditions while I still can).

Over the past few days, I’ve gotten several little melamine dishes from Target “in” my boxes.  I’m a big fan of penguins, so they’re right up my alley!  Here’s one of the pieces:


And my poor penguin covered with lunch.  Turkey and ham with spicy mustard, and a steamed broccoli-cauliflower mix.


Something’s way wrong with me today:  veggies are making me ill.  I tried to choke them down, but they’re just making me feel icky.  Mom was home sick today with food poisoning, so I’m not sure if it was power of suggestion or what, but I’ve just felt gross.  Here’s a salad I tried to scarf down this evening.  I kinda succeeded, but my peppers and celery were really bitter, so that didn’t work out too well.


And finally my cat and my dinner – a leftover pork chop and too few asparagus spears.  I ate like half.  I hope this funk subsides tomorrow, because I really hate having an unhappy tummy. 


Hey, speaking of unhappy…I’ve been working my fingers to the bone on knitting projects over the past few days, and I succeeded at a hat pattern yesterday with a particular type of yarn, so I tried to do it again this evening with a much chunkier yarn and bigger needles.  I’d chalk it up to a giant FAIL.


That’s an unhappy face.  If a 1960s synchronized swimmer mated with a giant 5’6” penis, that hat would get crapped out of one of them.

PS – I’m not bald.


  1. LOVE the picture of your kitty! I think that hat is cute! It could be good gift for someone with long hair.

  2. I think the hat is cute and agree it would look great with someone with long hair. I have seen tons of the type of hats while at target yesterday too.

  3. That hat is sweet :) I love that tradition you and your mom have-enjoy the spoiling while it lasts-haha

  4. The hat is cute! If you pulled it back a little and let some bangs out it could be a really cute slouch hat.

    I love knitting but I flat out refused to knit anyone anything this christmas.

  5. i LOVE childhood traditions. one of mine is that there is ALWAYS an unwrapped present under the tree on christmas morning for me. My parents started doing it when I was a little one so that I would be distracted and they could enjoy their coffee and morning before the crazyness of the day began.

    A few years ago when I was in college they didn't put one out because they thought I had outgrown it.

    They thought wrong.

    Now they know better and there is still one unwrapped present under the tree :-)

    ALSO! I used to get the scavenger hunts too! I miss those!

  6. hah, i like the hat. I'm am owl girl and a snowman girl. My boyfriend loves the penguins.

  7. Thanks for the comments on the hat, girls! I initially made it for my Secret Santa chick and should've just kept it quiet from the blog and sent it - she's got long hair and it would've worked for her, I think! However, Mom tried it on and really liked it (it looked much better on her - I've got a bulbous head), so I spoiled her Christmas by saying I was going to knit her a hat anyway, would she like that one? It evens out though - I bought one of my own presents for myself from her. Both the hat and my mirrored wall star will be under the tree Christmas morning :D

    Randi - I'm starting to understand your refusal to knit people stuff...I finished a beer cozy yesterday that I worked on for a couple hours only to find out that it was WAY TOO BIG. Now I'm panicking, thinking what else I can make instead. I'll probably get it done, but my fingers are gonna be all gnarled up and claw-like by the New Year. :/

    Laura - we have kind of the same thing! There's always an unwrapped "Santa" present for me, too! It used to be some kind of baby doll, but now it's a nutcracker (I collect them) or some other figurine, plus a board game. I don't ever want to grow up and lose my traditions! I'll leave my kids with their dad and come spend Christmas Eve night here at home!

    Nicci - I love any squidgy little round animal! Owls and penguins totally fit that bill ;)


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