Home again and catching up

It seems like every third post is about me catching up.  I’m rapidly losing creativity.  Let’s hope it’s not tied to my weight…I’d hate to be skinny and dull. 

So last we left off, I was about to pass out from exhaustion at my grandmother’s house.  And PTFO I did.  The next day, we went shopping for gifts and decor and various unnecessary things.  Pretty, but unnecessary. 


Tuesday afternoon after shopping ‘til we dropped, we went to Atlanta Bread Company for lunch.  I tried to stick to my plan, but I fudged a little.  I had a garden salad with vinaigrette on the side and French onion soup, minus the good stuff – croutons ‘n’ cheese.  I know, it was still a terrible choice, laden with butter and whatnot.  I didn’t finish it though – it’s amazing how salty it was!


I had a teeny bite of that bread.  Slap me.  AND a bite of Mam-ma’s HOLYCRAPAMAZING turkey/cranberry/supposed-to-be-brie-but-swiss-instead sandwich.  Slap me harder.

When we got home, my aunt came over to help us get Christmas decorations out of the attic.  She climbed up in there and lowered giant Rubbermaid boxes down to me.  God, that was the scariest thing I’ve done in awhile.  Some of those boxes were heavy, and it was so awkward for her to climb down the ladder a little ways, try to finagle the giant boxes through the little opening in the ceiling, then lower it down to me in a way that wouldn’t make her topple over or drop them on my face.  It made me so dizzy to reach up and grab them.  Speaking of dizzy, that’s why I didn’t offer to climb up in the attic myself (though I totally could – I’m below the weight limit on the pull-down ladder to the attic now!).  My blood pressure is finicky now that it's getting more normal and sometimes drops when I stand up/lean over quickly.  Nothing out of the ordinary, but I didn’t want to take a chance of getting lightheaded and falling out of the ceiling and cracking my face open on my grandmother’s garage floor.  You understand.

That evening for dinner, I used a packet of fajita seasoning and liberally sprinkled it on two chicken breasts, then wrapped them up in packets and baked them for about 20 min.  Then I de-foiled them and baked them about 15 min more.  On the side, I sautéed some squash, peppers, and onions, and I made Mam-ma some white rice to go with hers.


The next day at lunch I repurposed the leftover veggies by throwing them in a frittata with some cottage cheese, cut-up ham, and fresh red pepper bits.  Mam-ma got cheese on hers.


We got her new skinny tree all put together and well on its way to being fully ornamented…


…and I finished the little craft project she needed me to do.


I had to rush home (through rain, which sucked balls) and take a 5-minute shower, because Mom and I were meeting a friend to go shopping for a family in need.  I picked out a blouse, something the 14-year-old girl had asked for, and I wish I could’ve bought her several things, because one measly top doesn’t seem hardly enough.  While we were out, we went to Panera for dinner, and I had a Chopped Chicken Cobb salad and stupidly forgot to ask for dressing on the side.


After picking through the icky tomatoes and hard boiled eggs and trying in vain to shake gobs of dressing off each sad little leaf, I devoured the whole thing.  I don’t want to know how many calories, fats, or sugars were in that dressing.  I’m just gonna leave it alone.

So far today, I’ve been weeding through emails I let go while I was away and trying to get my Google Reader to say the magical words, “you have no unread items.”  Lots of people have some pretty awesome stuff to say, though (and lots of giveaways!), so it’s hard to skim through them all in a short amount of time!  I broke for lunch around 1pm and had a piece of leftover pork tenderloin alongside some roasted asparagus and squash, onions, and mushrooms.  When we make this pork tenderloin, Mom makes a sauce to go on the side – equal parts dijon mustard, mayo, and sour cream.  I lightened up a quick version today with just dijon and FF sour cream.  It tasted just the same!  I’ll have to make my own version from here on out!


(and no, I didn’t use all my sauce!)

When you’re losing weight and someone compliments you, do you find it hard to say a mere, “thank you?”  Although I know that’s the socially acceptable answer and the only thing people *need* to know, I find myself saying more than necessary, especially considering I don’t want to divulge exactly how I’m doing it for fear of judgment [damn it, Katherine, get over the whole “judgment” thing – it’s tired and stupid].  Though so far, it’s only been with family.  I hope by the time an acquaintance says something, I will have trained my lips from flapping too much.

Last night, Mom and I put lights on our tree while listening to the Christmas music channel on the TV, and this morning when I woke up, I turned them on to see a blackout at the top.  The stupid lights are mocking me.  After I get that all squared away and the tree decorated some more, I’ll post pics!  For you Christmassers, do you have your tree up yet?  Do you get a live one or artificial?


  1. This year we are doing a fake tree..easy to put away in a box. haha your luch and dinner looks super yummy.

  2. have i already told you that i too hate tomatoes?! we.are.the.same.

    i do have trouble with compliments in general, but especially with the "you look good" type ones. i mean, it is really nice to hear, but i never know how far to go after that. I usually just say thank you and then run away.

    the food you have been eating looks amazing. especially all the roasted squash, peppers, onions, etc. it all looks REALLY good. I might have to make some fajita (pronounced FUH-GI-TUH for extra hillbillyness) chicken tomorrow.

  3. Nicci - the lazy ass in me wants to do a pre-lit fake one, but the little kid in me loves the excitement and smell of a real tree too much!

    Laura - We totes are. And I love the concept of running away after a compliment. From now on instead of saying "thank you" or "yes, I'm trying hard," I'll scream "I NEED AN ADULT!!!" and just turn tail. The fajita thing reminds me of that Family Guy where Peter started getting giant welfare checks on accident (I think it was this one) and pulls into the drive-thru and asks for "6,000 chicken fa-gi-tahs." Tee-hee-hee.

  4. We have our tree up already and it's a fake one...I would love for a real one someday, though!

    Can I ask you where you get your recipes for your food or how you decide to eat what you do?

    Your food always looks SO good and healthy--we really need to start eating healthier in our house. Thanks for the great post and being an inspiration!

  5. I definately have to try that chicken fajita thingy-yum. I have my tree up-artificial but beautiful :)

  6. Chelle - I'm on a diet right now and am eating low-carb. I only recently started eating meat again after 1.5 years of being vegetarian, and I try to dress it up enough so that it doesn't weird me out too much or bore the crap out of me. I'm limited to what I can eat at the moment, so I'm trying to make the best out of what I've got. I appreciate your compliments - it makes me feel really good! I do notice after switching from a really carb-heavy diet that I'm sleeping better and don't feel SO run-down all the time. Even when I get to where I want to be and switch back to vegetarian eating, I'd like to keep eating more whole foods and fewer refined starches because it's making me feel a lot better!


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