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The title has to do with crazy stuff I did today, but it reminds me of a “back in my day” story.  In middle school, I was in our school’s musical theater troupe (and in high school I served offices in drama club every year and eventually was drama club president…I miss the emotional outlet!  ), and one year we did a play called “Krazy Kamp.”  I don’t even remember the exact premise, but I played Hildegard von Fishbeck, an Eastern European militant camp counselor.  I had to wear military-type boots and crazy braids in my hair and ugly cargo shorts, and I spoke in a severe, booming accent.  I remember hating that role because it magnified my giant-ness even more than usual.  All the other girls got to play cute little campers and I had to be a masculine, hulking, scary, unattractive, beastly counselor.  I have lots of deep-seated issues with being overweight, obviously, but feeling unfeminine is one of the biggest.  Anyone else feel that way?  I (used to) hate being taller than everyone because it was even more of a reminder of how big I was.  Any reminder that I was big made me feel ugly and mannish.  And it still kinda does.  Bleh.

Didn’t mean to just launch into the deep end there, but hey, that’s how crazy people operate. 

So hey, what crazy things did I do today?  I went to the doctor!  I’ve lost 8 pounds over the past 2 weeks, bringing my total (on this plan) to 17.5lbs.  In 3 weeks, that ain’t bad.  I was in such a happy-go-lucky mood today because I knew I’d be staying out and running errands for awhile – something that makes me feel productive, like I’ve got a contribution to make.  When I got to the office this morning, I was delighted to see they had decorated for Christmas, so I crazily took photos in the waiting room.



The littlest things make me happy.     Speaking of decorations, check out our statehouse Christmas tree:


Yeeeah, don’t mind the Confederate flag.  I think it belongs in a museum, not on display, but if SC listened to my opinions, things would be A LOT different.     This tree is a heckuva lot better than last year’s?  Two years ago?  Whenever it was, they hung blank CDs on the tree instead of ornaments.  Blank CDs reflect light.  Into the eyes of poor, innocent people operating vehicles.  Not smart, SC.  They did end up replacing them that year.

While I was in downtown Columbia, I stopped at a very special place to get some Christmas gifts.  I don’t think I’ve ever been in The Gourmet Shop, and I KNOW I haven’t been in there since I’ve identified with the label of “foodie,” so I crazily walked around the store at least 6 times.  I was surprised that nobody asked if I needed help – I ran into (some quite literally) at least 8 employees on my little worn path.  I’d love to go back one day when I can spend money on myself! 

Crazy people buy 5 boxes of tea in one day…

DSC00792 DSC00793

…and pay $8 for leaves.


At Earth Fare, I was duped confused into buying a salad from the salad bar without any “hot bar” accoutrements.  It’s not my fault the signs weren’t explicit!  I don’t know what I was thinking…I guess I thought the hot bar and salad bar were two totally different things and therefore two totally different prices.  Plus, I was still shaken from a creepy beggar encounter in the parking lot, so I was not very present.  I should’ve paid better attention or asked someone, though I’m always so intimidated in that store…everyone’s so hoity-toity and crunchy.  But the salad – dunno if it was the original quality or the fact that it was at least an hour between the time I boxed it up and the time I ate it, but it was pretty nasty.  Even with the added chicken from home.  Bitter and off-tasting.  Not awesome.  I should’ve eaten something else, but I felt kinda sick at that point.

For dinner, I repeated a recipe from the other night – pork chops with brie and spinach, though this time I marinated it in garlic and worcestershire for a little while beforehand, and we had simple frozen steamed broccoli on the side.


Crazy people enjoy pounding meat really thin.  It’s pretty cathartic.


Next time, I want to try arugula and gorgonzola for more interesting flavor.  This is a pretty good canvas, but a tad bland as-is.

After dinner, I made Mom the last of the mint cocoa I bought last week while I had a shake.  I hate these containers because you can never get all the powder out, so I opened the damn thing the best way I knew how.


Like a crazy person with a crazy-strong pair of utility scissors.  Psh, and I was worried I come off as un-ladylike. 


  1. Candy Cane Lane and Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride are two of my faves right now :-)

  2. Your pork chop meal looks super yummy!!

  3. I can totally relate to feeling manish and unattractive. Story of my life. But, in other news, the vibe of your blog is great. I'm loving all this fun stuff. Be it the weight-loss or the holiday doesn't matter. You are doing awesome! Love you!

  4. Lily - I'm trying to get into a tea habit! I'm trying to trick myself with all these fun flavors. :D

    Amanda - thanks! And I think it's pretty versatile - I can't wait to experiment more!

    Layla - Are you starting to feel more attractive since you've lost some weight? It'd help if there were some more available/eligible men around though, right ;) Thanks, babe...I'm trying to not make it too boring, despite my overall boringness. Love you tooo! Miss you!!!

  5. Hi Kat, It's Secretia. Just found your blog, I like it, I'm following you now.

    Those teas look good, i've had the gingerbread, it's great. Morning thunder must be highly caffienated! With a name like that. I love the chicken and salad pics, my kind of food.

    Great job losing those 8 pounds!


  6. Thanks for following and for the congrats, Secretia! I'm excited to try my holiday teas...I'm such a sucker for anything "limited edition", etc, especially if it's cute and Christmassy!! That Morning Thunder is black tea (which has caffeine, pretty sure) and mate (which is like caffeine) - I just got this crazy mental image of a giant mug of tea barreling down the stairs and whopping me upside the head. Which I hope this tea does. I can be quite sluggish in the mornings. :)

  7. I've never treid the Christmas teas, but I've been wanting to try them. Congrats on the weightloss girl. Yeah, I feel you..I was always the tall girl in ballet with the booty.

  8. My favorite tea ever = Celestial Seasonings Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride!! I buy it in BULK so I can have X-MAS all year round! HA HA! Ah, I cannot believe Xmas is only 2 weeks away!

  9. Nicci - I'm not THAT tall (5'6") but I've got some damned short friends. I'm learning to accept myself head to toe more! How long did you do ballet?

    GiGi - OH MY GOSH I tried it this evening for the first time, and it tastes EXACTLY like the cream soda flavor of Dum Dum suckers! That's my favorite flavor of those, so it was really weird to taste it in liquid form!

  10. Never tasted cream soda dum dum, but I seriously think that Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride tastes like a sweet cookie.


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