Lights Before Christmas…after Christmas and Wii Fit Plus

Hi, y’all!  On Tuesday night, Mom and I participated in one of our yearly traditions – the Lights Before Christmas at Riverbanks Zoo!  We’ve gone every year for as long as I can remember, even if that means going after Christmas as we had to resort to this year.




They have a couple of big fire pits in which people roast (mucho overpriced) marshmallows on a stick. 


Mom and I get hot chocolate every time we come…it always tastes better when you’re walking through the zoo looking at Christmas lights!!  I was so cold/excited/flustered that I didn’t take a picture, though.  Booo.  These lights are my absolute favorite…for some reason on this type, the colors just POP:


They even had soapsuds snow!


When we left the zoo, we tracked down our own copy of Wii Fit Plus at Target.  I was put to shame when I was told I hadn’t done the Wii Fit in over 280 days (in my defense, I’ve done other fitness programs on the Wii since then…just not regularly Embarrassed).  However, my Mii has lost over 30lbs since she last played the game!  Why I forgot to take a picture of that screen, I do not understand.  But I did take a picture of this (tube TV = crappy picture):


Happy early birthday, LAYLA!!!

The game itself is pretty fun…if I understand it correctly, the disc you get contains all the games from the original Wii Fit plus a whole bunch of new games, a few new yoga poses, and a few new strength poses.  You can also play with multiple people (taking turns on the board when necessary) and customize your workout, but I haven’t dabbled with those features yet.  (I read somewhere that even though you can customize your workout, you can’t save the routine – gotta investigate further!)  I really like some of the new games…my legs got killed on the Segway game because you’re in a permanent squatting position.  There’s also a bike game where you walk in place on the board to “pedal” and you have to find these flags all over the place and run into them…that game took forever!  I can tell it was working the ankle/calf muscles I need to strengthen, so I’ll definitely be playing that again.  I’m looking forward to playing again tonight and delving deeper into some of the games!

If you don’t already have the balance board, I’d get the Wii Fit Plus bundled with the board.  It’s hard to say yet if the new games are worth the $20 bucks extra, but I can definitely say it’s better than $40 extra.  Though now that I’m sitting here thinking about it more, it’s probably worth the price.  The new rhythm games (Kung Fu and Marching Band) are pretty darned fun!!

When I was done playing video games, I promptly PTFOed.



  1. Stephen and I love the Columbia Zoo! Have you seen the tree kangaroos? They're our favorites. :-)

  2. I would love to get a wii fit-I am scared of what my mii would look like-haha-Congrats on the 30lbs + must have felt good~

  3. @Lily - I probably have seen them but I can't recall where they are! My favorites are the penguins. I've been known to push little kids out of the way to get a better look. I get all teary-eyed when the little zookeeper people come out and feed them. I'm a dweeb.

    @Candace - It's terrible because you start the game and choose your Mii (the one you configure in the Mii plaza), and then you weigh yourself for the first time, and the little Mii changes according to your weight...she gets fat really quick and looks down at her protruding stomach and shakes her head in shame. Then every time you play the Wii Fit, your little Mii looks twice as big as she usually does in the less cruel Wii games. Awesome.


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