“My fingers hurt”

“Oh, well now your back’s gonna hurt, cuz you just pulled landscaping duty.”  - Name that movie!

Speaking of backs hurting, I fell down the stairs Friday night and have a righteous bruise on my back (thank god that’s all I have)…I forgot to take a picture of my badge of honor!  The teacup/saucer combo I was holding didn’t even break.  I might be a klutz, but I’m a pro. 

Over the past few days, I’ve been working my ass fingers off to finish up homemade Christmas presents.  On Thursday I mailed out two packages to family in Kentucky, and two international packages for some very special ladies!  I took pictures of their contents, but can’t reveal yet!  smile_wink


All day yesterday I knitted.  Literally, all. day.  I knew I needed to get on the computer and blog and read blogs and read about blogs, but I knew if I opened my laptop, it’d be like opening Pandora’s box and I’d never get anything accomplished.  Incidentally, just the other day I was wondering if it was possible to bruise your fingers.  Well, folks, it definitely is.


It’s not a giant purple behemoth like I’ve got on my back and shin (a goose-egg that’s still there from when I whacked my leg on the corner of the coffee table like 3 weeks ago), but that reddish purple spot is a deep bruise from pushing my knitting needle back through my work.  I’ve got one on both my thumbs, too.  I need one of those rubber thumb condoms my teachers all used to have – the ones that let you sort through papers without licking your fingers.  I have these little plastic stickers that you can put on your fingers to act as a “thimble” of sorts, but they always get stuck to my yarn fibers and get pulled off.

I’m rambling.  What’s been going on lately?  I was supposed to travel to the town of my alma mater on Friday night to spend the weekend with two very dear friends, but the upstate was  getting doused in freezing rain and sleet and snow, so I was talked into postponing it.  South Carolina isn’t prepared for winter weather, so when it gets icy, people freak the fuck out and don’t drive safely on already-treacherous roads.  I was disappointed we didn’t get to have our little Christmas/birthday/housewarming gathering, but we’ve tentatively rescheduled for a couple of weeks from now!  I had offered to make dinner for the get-together, so I made it for Mom and myself instead:


One of my favorite dishes – pork tenderloin.  Basically you get a pork tenderloin and marinate it for awhile in soy sauce, brown sugar, and garlic.  Usually we just marinate it a few hours, but this one had been sitting 24+ hours and it made sooo much difference in the flavor.  It was AMAZING!  I made sautéed green beans on the side – another one of my favorites!  The sauce for the pork is a dijon mustard + mayo + sour cream mixture.  I forgot that last time I made this, I said I’d try the sauce without mayo.  I hope I remember next time!!

After dinner, Mom worked on a Christmas present while two of the dogs helped…


…and one of the cats, too.  smile_thinking


Yesterday morning I made this awesome frittata:


Made with eggs + egg whites, peppers, onions, ricotta, and ham.


And last night I had leftovers + sautéed squash, onions, and peppers.


Even though I’ve left out a few meals, that’s basically got me caught up to today.  Now I’m going to go write two more posts and chip away at my Google Reader for awhile.  No more knitting until my digits heal!

What kinds of handmade gifts do you make during the holidays?  Have you made more handmade stuff since the economic shit hit the fan?


  1. I love pork tenderloin! It is one of my favorite thing to make because I can get a lot of leftovers and it is low in calories. Anyway I am not crafty what so ever so I don't make anything.

  2. Pssht. Although my mom's an artist, I can't do anything with my hands. I also have no patience, so no handmade gifts for me!

  3. All those dishes look great, if only I could be happy with portions that size!


  4. @amanda - Oh I know...I like making something I can re-purpose for a few days! However, this recipe is so good, it usually doesn't last more than a day and a half ;)

    @Lily - I'd gladly give up some handiness to be able to run like you do! I, too, have a very low patience threshold, so some more difficult projects go abandoned when I get fed up!

    @Secretia - are my portions small? They seem quite beastly to me! Those plates (except for the frittata picture) are full-sized dinner plates. I'm trying to load up most of the surface with veggies these days!

  5. So I stumbled on your blog through eatingjourney.com, but I couldn't help but post when I saw that quote from Happy Gilmore! yeah!!! :) Merry Christmas

  6. @Ashley - YAY! Thanks for sharing and spreading the Adam Sandler love! My BFF and I used to talk in Jim Carrey and Adam Sandler quotes all the time growing up and piss off our parents. I need to re-watch all those "classics" again soon! Merry Christmas to you, too!! :D


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