My Secret Santa ROCKS.

On Friday, I was having a monumentally crappy day.  It was cold and rainy, some anxiety-ridden drama went down, and I was rushingrushingrushing to get things finished before hitting the road that night (which never even happened).

Then…a gift was sent from the heavens.  Or rather, from Nebraska.


I’d show a picture of the whole package intact, but 1) it got a tad banged up on the journey and it was all mushy with rain, and 2) it’s after 1am and I’m too tired to open Photoshop and blur out our addresses.  Angel

Seriously, Laura* did an amazing job!  She included some yummy edibles I can’t wait to try…


…some handy-dandy coupons I’ll be putting to good use this week (probably tomorrow when I go on my Christmas baking grocery shopping extravaganza), plus a sweet little note


…and the pièce de résistance


…which dear Laura made herself!  I have honestly been wanting one of these FOREVER!!!  As a lover of photography (especially black and white), classy home accents, and personalized goodies, I’ve been eyeing these name picture thingies at craft shows for quite awhile (what’s their official name, anyway?).  I think it’s so funny how PERFECT this was for me!  I’ve made reference to my tendency to cry on the ol’ blog and Twitter quite a few times; well, it happened again.  I opened this box and lifted each item out, and then I got to the bottom and just cried.  I am so touched by this thoughtful, perfect gift!

Laura, THANK YOU so much for this!  If it’s not obvious by my sappiness, it is very sincerely appreciated!  I hope your Secret Santa was as good to you as you were to me!

*Laura doesn’t have a Twitter or a blog…if she did, I would make it my personal mission for everyone I’ve encountered on the Internet to follow her.  Open-mouthed  And Laura, if you start either one or both, please let me know!!

PS – Dear Secret Santa Recipient, 

If you somehow get your gift before Christmas (oh lordy I hope you do) and find your way to this blog entry (oh I really really hope you do), please know that ever since I walked out of the post office, I’ve been worrying over the fact that I wrote the words “I’ve been stalking your blog” in your card (amongst other harebrained things), and I don’t think I ever explicitly said “I’m your Blogger Secret Santa.”  You’re a smart girl, so I’m hoping you’ll realize what’s up, and merely shake your head at my frazzled-ness instead of throwing the package away fearing a personal mail-launched terrorist attack.

Kat  Disappointed


  1. She's a Kat Lover too!

  2. @Secretia - then consider me a Laura Lover!! She's awesome!!

    @Laura - thaaaank yoooooou!! Merry Christmas!

  3. Can I just say how flippin jealous I am?! That is the cutest thing EVER! Love it. Just love it.


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