Pennies in the bank

Just "monetized" the ol' blog.  I'm not sure how it'll make it look or what kind of benefit it will have (if any), but I figured I'd give it a whirl. 

[cough] SELLOUT [cough]

[cough] I'MSTILLUNEMPLOYED [cough cough]

Happy Friday, y'all!


  1. Yeah, I did the same. Figured if I were blogging anyway, I'd might as well put up some small ads and get a few bucks. I started Google Ads 5 years ago, had them on 7 blogs. I'm up to $45 in my account after all that time... and they don't pay out until you reach $100.

    Which is why I switched to BlogHer, where I at least get a check a few times a year (albeit only about $30)

  2. Jeeeez, I might have to look into this BlogHer thing. Is it hard to get into?

  3. Good for you! I'll be sure to click around a bit. ;-)


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