Sunday Boring Sunday

I’ve been waking up later than I want to and it’s very disconcerting.  I need to start enforcing a 10pm bedtime more strictly!  I hate feeling like I’m wasting time in the mornings!

Yesterday morning when Mom got home from church, I made us both a couple of “Hugh Jass” salads containing Romaine, spinach, spring mix, cucumbers, red peppers, rotisserie chicken, and some balsamic vinaigrette dressing.


We spent the rest of the day doing things around the house, including more decorating…




…I think we’re finally done with the tree.  Maybe.

Then we braved the crowds and headed to Target where I got the cutest little set of mixing bowls!


And then we headed to A.C. Moore (craft store) because we had a “20% off your entire order, even sale items” coupon, and we STOCKED. UP.  Though I just tried to start knitting a hat with some circular needles I got last night, but I was a doofus and got too-long ones.  Boo.

I feel so bad for my mom…I was SO hungry and SO cranky that I was being a complete and utter bitch there at the end.  I don’t deal with crowds well, I had opted to forego my afternoon shake so I could have it after dinner as “dessert,” I jumped the gun on the celebratory weight-loss clothes overhaul and was wearing a too-small bra that was making me angry, so all in all, I was a heinously bad shopping partner.  When we got home, I quickly nuked dinner and wolfed down an entire field’s worth of green beans with my leftover chicken, and I was finally a happy camper as we watched shows about outrageous Christmas light displays. 



I lived the utter definition of “hangry” and don’t want to do that again.

This afternoon, I’m meeting up with some friends to go to a visitation/memorial mass for our dear friend’s step-dad who passed away a few days ago.  I pulled out some awesome tweed pants I haven’t been able to fit in in a looong time, and they fit!  They look awesome and feel good when I’m standing up.  Sitting down is a different story, though…I’ll have to find something else to wear.  smile_sad


  1. I hear you on not eating that much and battling the crowds = cranky!

  2. Amanda - I swear I've had a panic attack in Michaels in mid-December before. Full-on chest constriction, heart palpitations, feeling trapped and closed in. It's not a fun feeling when there are dozens of crazy southern craft ladies who are willing to trample you to get to the scrapbooking supplies and WILL cut you if you grab something they're after too.


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